empath, mystic, lightworker

Are you an empath, mystic or lightworker?

Are you an empath, mystic or lightworker? For as long as I can remember I’ve had this inner knowing that I was here for a reason and that there was something I was here to do. A natural empath and intuitive, I would feel what other people were feeling and…

louise androlia

Louise Androlia

Ladies Of The Light is a concept that has been beckoning me in my meditation, Morning Pages (journal) and random post its around the house for a couple of years now, but I had a few fears to get over (like truly sharing my voice loud and proud) before it could…

getting the call from hay house

Getting the call from Hay House

I feel like I’ve been searching my entire life and I know a lot of you can relate. I’d always had that niggling feeling that there was something I was supposed to be doing, something that I was here to do. This unshakable feeling found me spending my school holidays…

Letter to a Lightworker

 Letter to a Lightworker: I believe that you came into this life with a deep inner knowing of what you were here to do and an inner guidance system to make it happen. I’m not talking a carefully laid out path which comes with an instruction manual, rather an unshakable…

You can’t hide a light

You have an inner light in you that has always been there and will never go away. An inner fire that no matter how dark or bright it gets will continue flickering away. People can see it just by looking at you. It’s that “something special about her” that they…

I am the light and so are you

I am the light and so are you. You embody the light when you embody yourself. When you are courageous enough to just be you and forget the doing. When you decide to no longer be attached to any outcome beyond expressing your you-ness.

Shine so bright it burns

Shine so bright it burns the corneas of those who want you small. The reason they want you small is because deep down they want to shine too. And in watching you, chances are they will be inspired to do the same.

She’s got a light

She’s got a light and she knows how to use it. You have an inner light like no one else on the planet. The most powerful thing you can do is bravely own it and shine it big and bright. In doing so, life will shine right on back at…

Follow what lights you up - Rebecca Campbell

Follow what lights you up

Follow what lights you up. What makes you feel whole. What you would do if you had all the money in the world. That you love above all else. Your purpose is to light up the world. You can only light up the world if you are lit up from…

You are light

When you connect to the unlimited universal source of light you tap into just that, an unlimited source of light. Shining your light becomes effortless and you quite literally light up a room just by entering it. The more you tap into it, the more effortless it tends to come…

Please proceed

Take the ticket. Here it is. Welcome aboard. This way please. Here’s your seat. There you are. Just in time. You’ve arrived. Glad you made it. We’ve been waiting. We’re so happy you’re here. Permission granted. Take the step. Follow the path. No, after you. You go first. Lead the…

it is time to step up

It’s time to step up

It’s time to step up. The planet is beckoning. Coaxing. Calling you. To step into your wholeness. Up and into all of you. The big you. The complete you. Give into the stirring. It’s time. Your light is needed here.

Make light not dark

Every second we have a choice to align ourselves with light or dark. A choice to come back to ourselves or move away from it. A choice to live from our spirit or from out ego. Choose light it feels better.#Rebeccathoughts