Lightworker Anthems

Each week I add a new tune to this playlist! If you have a suggestion for your favourite Lightworker Anthem let me know in the comments section below. To listen to this playlist on the go, follow it on Spotify here.

‘And for my healing wits.
I’ve been called a witch.
I’ve crackled in the fire.
I’ve been called a liar.
I’ve died so many times.
I’m only just coming to life.’

This tune makes my heart swell. It reminds me of so many of us working the light in all different corners of the planet. Those we know, and those we don’t. As one rises, she does not rise alone. For she is… Standing. With. An. Army.

  • Monique Lovelock

    Thanks for the “Army” song….love it. I’m going to suggest any one of the ten tracks from Leona Lewis’s album “I AM”. I have noticed a lot of album titles at the moment are quite spiritual and/or contain the word “light”. Amazing global awareness going on. Thank you x 3.

  • Kate Snowise

    “I Am Light” by India Arie :). And Alicia Keys “this girl is I fire” or “I am superwoman”. I LOVE this idea. Thank you 🙂

  • Luciana Dignani

    Love this song! I suggest Tina Malia’s ‘All Roads’ or any of her songs, they are amazing!

  • Rebecca Campbell

    Cool I’ll check it out Luciana ????

  • Rebecca Campbell

    Good ones ????

  • Rebecca Campbell


  • Victoria Armstrong

    Nahko and medicine for the people- wash it away and pretty much any song by this amazing band and also wake, rise and shine by Dustin Thomas

  • I love your Light is the New Black book playlist…so know this one will be epic too!

    My song for this year is ‘Bright’ by Echosmith (live from spotify NYC is the best version!)


  • Rebecca Campbell

    Listening to it now. I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing babe xoxoxoxo

  • Rebecca Campbell

    Loving Nahko and medicine. Just added it 🙂

  • If you want a beautiful heart-opening experience, check out Alexandra Gabriel – I love A Call to Prayer and Hallelujah Gabriel. Her voice is something else when you’re with her live – she’s at MBS in London as well, so you can feel the vibes for yourself 🙂

  • Rechelle Mackay

    Wow. I have goose bumps! Just what I needed ????

  • Gwen C. Gratton

    Please check out Happy Dreamer by Laid Back! Great song

  • This song always gives me chills. There’s something very primal and real about it that speaks to the complex feminine parts of me. Love it! Woman (Oh Mama) by Joy Williams

  • Woman (Oh Mama) by Joy Williams — This song always gives me chills. There’s something very primal and real about it that speaks to the complex feminine parts of me. Love it!

  • Rebecca Campbell


  • Rebecca Campbell

    Will check it out 🙂

  • Rebecca Campbell

    Love this 🙂

  • Wayne Dyer

    ‘That’s how a super hero learns to fly’ that’s my anthem, forget right now the name of the group. Will check these out too tho.

  • Fiona Batty

    A friend in one of my other lightworker groups was having trouble having faith in her self, her abilities and her path, recently. She posted about the difficulty in believing in her gifts, her purpose and that things would more in a positive direction. So I got all 1980s on her arse, and posted Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’. Cheesy? Yes. Effective? Hell yes!! We both ended up in our various houses, playing it loud and spinning around with our arms out wide, accepting all the positive energies of the beginning of May!

  • Linnea Vibes

    Greetings all beautiful souls out there! Today we released my first single “Age Of Aquarius” alongside TIAS STAR. This is the official soundtrack for the movement and upcoming Jamaican/Swedish documentary “Revolutionary Women”.
    Dedicated to all the light workers in the world.

    Listen to the song on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube and spread it with love!

  • Ha! I LOVE it!

  • Mary Wanamaker

    This video gave me a newfound appreciation for that song. Such joy..

  • Fiona Batty

    Ps. I forgot to add that while I was spinning around in Queensland, she was doing the same thing in California. Love the real connectedness of these groups. Our tribe is always there.

  • Linda Kwan

    This song is beautiful and lights me up every time 🙂 Found it thru Lissa Rankin’s page.