Well, here we we are 9 months into both this year and the 9 year cycle that we embarked on at the beginning of this year. And what a year it has already been.

Numerologically, 2017 is a 1 year (the first of this 9 year cycle) which means it is all about foundations. And boy hasn’t it been. All that is not in alignment is rising up to be healed (individually and planetarily), looked at and addressed one and for all. The planets have been assisting us and while it has been challenging I am met with a deep reassurance that healing truly is possible and if we go all in, it is both more urgent and easier than it has been before.

For me, the focus has been on the body (like at a deep cellar level), home (where is it?), support (receiving a whole new level of it) and the nervous system (switching off the fight/flight reflex)! Talk about foundations. More on this later once everything has had a chance to land…. but fundamental changes afloat. And I know I am not alone.

It feels as though the whole nervous system of the planet is recalibrating and if you are even remotely highly sensitive, on some level you will have felt it. I know I have.

The message I keep receiving is how important it is to stay grounded and to USE the energy that we are feeling rather than be victims of it.

The eclipse saw us enter a new age, what I call the Age of Light and it is by no coincidence I believe that the mighty Louise Hay left her physical body after this transition. Words cannot express the deep gratitude that I have been feeling since hearing of her rising on. How one woman created so much change (and didn’t start this part of her journey until the age of 50) inspires me so much. If you are called to do something and think it’s too late, it most definitely is not. Remember, you’ve been training for this for lifetimes.

Like many others, Louise was my gateway drug to all things soul. My first teacher. My original wise woman. She built my soul’s voice a home, for which I will never be able to express my gratitude. May the seeds of light that she planted continue to bloom in us all.

I want to hear from you…

What changes have you been feeling so far this year? Share it in the comments below.

Share how Louise Hay impacted you in the comments below.

  • Catherine Perry

    The changes that I’ve been feeling have both been physical & with my soul.

    I couldn’t fight or flight because of issues with my back, surgery, etc… I was made to soul search and stay put.

    I am much stronger, mentally, physically (but still working on it), emotionally & spiritually.

    Thank you for helping me along the way. You are definitely a God send Rebecca 🤣💙

  • Amanda Dulkinys

    I’ve been feeling strong pulls to deal with clutter and baggage in my life on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Things that I keep pushing off or thinking, “yes, I need to do this, I’ll get to it tomorrow/next week/next month etc.” and then I never really totally do. I scratch away at it, but don’t really dig in. (a few issues with procrastination and self worth here, I know…)

    But this year, I’ve really felt the call to finally deal with it. Everything from cleaning out my apartment to taking various spiritual workshops and meditating regularly etc. I still have a ways to go, but have at least been consistently trying to work through and let go and open up.

    The next step for me in this is that I’m coming to your workshop at Omega, and I can’t wait. Your books have been a huge part of the work I’ve been doing this year, and I’m really looking forward to meeting you and being a part of the group of women who are coming. Thank you!

  • Kathy Pearson

    Friendships have been huge for me and letting go of the need to know. The need to figure it out. The need to THINK it all.
    My wedding bought to light a whole host of stuff regarding friendships – interesting stuff!
    I have leaned into being supported in a whole new way. Accepting it gracefully rather than feeling guilty.

    My body has ached for a month now. I’m still not ready to delve into what shes telling me… I can feel it rising though.

    Thanks Rebecca for the space to share. It’s been an emotional one!!

  • Angie Willerton

    Louise Hay’s passing was such a shock, she looked like she would go on forever, I first came across her book You Can Heal Your Life just before i was due a foot operation three years ago, bought a pretty notebook to use a journal and whilst stuck at home not being able to do much at all began the book. That book kick started all the things i knew where in me but i tried to bury, i was studying spirituality but scared to be open about it, i carried resentments from long past arguments and Louise shone the light that let me work my out of the mire. I had battled M.E for many years and again Louise was the key to working on my own body to work myself out of that too. She led me to discover Doreen Virtue and Heather Dane and then you Rebecca and GAbrielle Bernstein too. She touched my life in a small way compared to many others but to me it was massive. She will be so missed in this life. Goodbye Louise

  • Fiona Gundlach

    After going to my first ever spiritual healing session, I was told to read Louise’s book ‘The Power is Within You’ and from then on my life changed.

    Louise helped me trust myself. I had just graduated from Uni with my Teaching degree and nothing felt right about me being a school teacher.
    Louise helped me learn to listen to myself and face my fear of walking away from what didn’t feel right.
    Thank you Louise, because now I am on brighter and better path. You are/were a true inspiration!

  • Emily

    I read ‘you can heal your life’ after reading your books Rebecca.
    It was early this year I read ‘you can heal your life’ and I was on my first holiday since quitting my job in an agency. I knew the job was toxic and that I had to quit to achieve what I wanted- which was to fall pregnant. Something we have been trying to do for 3.5 years without success.
    Fast forward five months and I am now working for myself and last month found out I was pregnant! We were just about to try IVF when it happened naturally 🙂 none of this would not have happened without me finding Louise. Since then I have given my friends and family copies of her amazing book to help them on their journeys too x

  • Nichole McFarlane

    Wow, what a year so far. I have been feeling so much change in my life it’s crazy! I recently just left my job to pursue my life coaching career. I’ve been so focused on my job that it hasn’t left me much time to focus on why I am on this Earth. The energetic shift has been amazing, I can feel it each and every day. It’s almost crackling with change. I’ve noticed a lot of people stepping up and stepping out into the light. So excited for the next steps for everyone.

    Louise has touched my life in so many ways. I remember completing the you can heal your life workbook. At times the book and I wouldn’t be speaking because it cracked me open so deeply. But once I was done I was a changed person. Once I was done, I was whole.

  • Laurie Elle McSwiggin

    You Can Heal Your Life was recommended to me 7 years ago… and it changed my (inner love life!) life forever. ❤️🌸

    I would love to attend one of your seminars someday soon.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sending love and light,

  • Candice T

    On Friday the 13th this past January, I was in a dark hole. I hated my job, felt physically ill over the thought of doing it one more day, and literally didn’t know if I could go on. Something came over me. I knew I had to quit, that I was called for so much more in this life. With no plan, I left my career on the table to be at home with my 2 girls. I started to notice my intuition (that had been there all along, I like to say I was stepping on my own big toe). I started to hear. And listen and TRUST what I was hearing.
    I’m waking up, there is just no other way to say it. My second daughter’s vaginal birth in December 2015 opened my spiritual gate. Then I learned what an empath was. And that I was highly sensitive.
    I’m learning that vibrations don’t lie, and your energy must be protected. Always.
    I’m learning about numerology (and HELLO I am a 1, so that explains so much as to what I have been feeling this year!
    My marriage has been suffering since my awakening as my husband cannot hear me, cannot see me.
    My girls both have gifts. Raising them with confidence in shining their lights bright is something I strive for.
    Finding Rebecca and “Light is the New Black” just two weeks ago and devouring it, often with tears streaming down my face…I felt like I had found my tribe.
    I know I’m not alone in what’s happening to me.
    I had never heard of Louise Hay until you, Rebecca.
    But I can’t wait to pick up some of her work and dig in. Thank you for shining your light bright and for being the brave badass woman that you are. Thank you for lifting me. Let’s rise.

  • Natasha Black

    Having been given to your book Light is the new black 2 years ago I had started it and never finished. I picked it up about a month ago on my way to Sydney without my kids and had all the time to absorb in the book whenever I felt like it. I had a few frustrations career wise and coming back from Sydney finishing the book, I had half a notebook of ideas I knew I had to act on. A week later my women’s empowerment workshops was born and I had booked a venue for 1st October. I am excited, energised, fulfilled already and know my purpose which feels so freeing. I had to rush out and get rise sister rise to which I read quickly and loved.
    I am shit scared of pulling this together but so excited and it feels so aligned with my soul. I am falling in love with this process and my future.
    Thank you for sharing your light so I can share mine… x

  • Patti Tucker

    Reciting the lightworkers prayer daily for over a year now ( thank YOU GODDESS REBECCA!) 2017 was an invitation for me to rise up to the truth. That the grace was within and I was here to be truly helpful. I realized that if we allow our minds to think and see fear, lack and scarcity and what is “wrong” with the world and others that is what we will see and receive. If I focused on rising UP, to see the beauty and the gifts even in the everyday struggles, that my soul seemed to quiet the mind. I cannot tell you how much peace I am feeling. I still have the daily struggles but when my soul whispers and reminds me of all the good that surrounds me, I RISE UP! I feel it deep within, vibrationally and it seems to shift my energy levels immediately. The mind is a powerful tool and I’ve decided to work with it , my soul leading the way!

  • Mereme

    I quit my job early this year, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was making myself ill. I still don’t know what I’m meant to be doing but I’m learning to trust more and more and listen to my intuition.
    I’ve been feeling the shift the last few weeks, so much coming up to be released- fears, anxiety, guilt, shame. This post has been confirmation of the actions I’ve been feeling called to make – exercise, creativity, self expression.
    Louise has been such a positive influence ❤ her work helped me so much with self love and worthiness.

  • Becky C Morris

    I met Louise in 2012 at Miraval Resort in Arizona where she and Cheryl Richardson hosted a very intimate women’s retreat. She was so real and raw and just a dynamo. I again saw her in 2014 at the NYC Hay House Ignite conference. She never slowed down. A true inspiration to us all! Funny thing, I just read the part of your book where you describe almost mowing Louise down at a Hay House conference in England back in 2009! Great story!!!

  • Reina Kolf

    “Every hand that touches me is a healing hand” is the affirmation that helped me through my period of cancer. I received Louise Hay’s book “You can heal your life” and reading it helped changing my mindset. Thank you Louise Hay !!

  • Christine Barnett

    “She built my soul’s voice a home” — Rebecca Campbell, writing of Louise Hay. It was Hay House Radio, only a few months ago, that called to my soul to listen to an interview with Rebecca. I immediately knew I needed to get Light is the New Black on Audible – so I signed up and could not put Light is the New Black on pause for long — Day 1 listening, Siri lead me astray so I could listen more on a longer journey — then I just could not get enough of it, I would drive out of my way or stay in the car… I finally felt as if someone understood me — ME, I understood me better after listening to Rebecca’s Light is New Black. And already I am listening again and working with the prompts by written book form.

    This house that was build is where I am finding comfort and a place to develop MY PLATFORM TO DELIVER LIGHT TO THIS AMAZING WORLD — I am Rising UP I am also now listening to Hay House Author Gabrielle Bernstein (The Universe Has Your Back). Thank you both Gabrielle and Rebecca. And to Louise whom made it possible for their dreams to come alive! I hold a new dream that sparked with the Eclipse … This vision is for an EVENT at RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATER – in Colorado where I live. A Day of Inspiration that WILL INSPIRE BRIGHT YOUNG SISTERS TO RISE UP AND BE THE LIGHT. My prayer is for this to manifest in honor of all that inspired these woman – Louise, Rebecca, Gabrielle…. And for all that inspires me, A LIGHTWORKER. AND FOREMOST, to INSPIRE ALL THE SISTERS, the LIGHT WORKERS, THE ADOLESCENTS And ALL OF US, to Usher in THE LIGHT
    UpWards and Onwards WE MOVE, with GRACE.

    THANK YOU LOUISE! Insight now from Light is the New Black about “Nominative Determinism” ….. My Middle Name is Louise :). As is my daughters, my mom’s, and both of my daughters grandma’s on her dad’s side…. Something told me this would hold significance one day…. today is the day. Hearing Louise began a significant part of her Purpose gave me chills. I am inspired now, at age 48 that I too can embark more FULLY, both Earth Angel feet on the ground, forward with BOLD conviction to BE THE LIGHT Thank you LOUISE HAY! And now I see even my last name, Barnett ties with Hay…. Hay in the Barn, and the Net as an interconnected WEB that holds my Soul’s prayers for ALL LOVE, ALL GOODNESS, ALL KINDNESS to Prevail
    #BLESSEDintoBLISS – ALL LOVE, Christine Louise Barnett

  • That is a beautiful affirmation

  • Jessi Bragdon

    This year I have really reconnected with myself. I have been taking a good look at what serves me and what doesn’t, and what I need to do to shine and live the life I want. It’s been a challenge, the Universe has responded strongly to my desire to revive my spiritual life and be my authentic self. A lot of things have fallen away painfully, but it’s all been for the better. I have been closer to my friends lately, reconnected with people dear to me. I have really shined as a mother. I am moving into a new home in a few days and I am so excited for the change that is coming. A lot of challenge lies ahead to really set things in place as they need be for the next “project”, but I am excited to show what I can do.

  • Rosemary Tarrant

    Like others below, I have had a year that has been an inward journey. I thought I had done work before of releasing but this year has gone to the core, or at least I hope it was the core. Come face to face with old patterns and understood them better and I hope relinquished the ones that no longer serve me. I know there is still more work to do inward but also have felt an outward calling. There has been a dampening down of the work I do one to one with people due to a shoulder injury, and there have been whispers, whispers, whispers of “teach again”, “share again”…. so here I am. I am starting a new school, called Health School, I’ve been busy with the website and it will be live in a few days. The first course in Systematic Kinesiology is set up to be taught on the shore of Leith in Edinburgh. The most amazing venue has become available, with wooden floors, metal beams, the water of the Firth of Forth, it’s a double height venue so the air and space in it are delightful and the fire between passionate teaching and learning will be found there. So the 5 Elements will be well represented. It feels so right, it’s happening easily, It’s feeling energy and balance will be the goal. As you say Rebecca, if you go all in, it is more urgent and easier then before. Oh, the beautiful being of Louise Hay, she has been an inspiration to me for the last 26 years. Her energy has been showered and will continue to shower on those involved in Hay House and hopefully others around the world. She was clever in her choice of apprentices so I am sure you and they will carry her message onward. Mirror work will continue for a long time to come xxx

  • Gail Wisdom

    To me, Louise Hay was, is and will always be a role model, an inspiration and one of the people in this world I admire most. I was first introduced to Louise Hay through her book You Can Heal Your Life in 1990 and what was then the ‘radical concepts’ it introduced have shaped me and the way I look at the world. I am saddened by her transition but I have to believe she’s on to bigger and better things.

    This year, my life is seeing the old and inauthentic fall away and the beginning of many new chapters, way too much to go into here but I feel what you’re saying, Rebecca and I’m thankful I’ve come across you as a light in this world.

  • Cheyenne Beardsley

    I discovered her book “You Can Heal Your Life” only a few months before she passed away and before that I didn’t know about her or about how disease is tied to our inner life and emotions. That was a game-changer for me as I was suffering from digestive issues. What an amazing woman! I’m glad her teachings reached my life when they did.

  • Anja E. Miller

    Apocalypse has spread its wings. It’s not an Asteroid crashing down on earth, nor other outa space factors. It’s the mass extinction of our fellow souls: insects, mamals , plants etc. and its happening right infront our eyes. The chain reaction has begun and is accelerating each day; accompanied by severe, threatening climate disorders. It’s now! we have to pull all our forces together, unite, stand up and go against by giving light and love and talking about it. Do good and TALK! about it. We have to do a wake up call , a wake up wave. Humanity fell asleep over its problems. Earth is fighting back. This planet is a living, breathing, organism, watched over by its creator and the heavenly angels. We’ve far! passed the limits, neglected all preliminary and crystal clear warnings. It’s now we have to stand up and step out of the shade. Else we won’t win this fight. It’s war, the war of light against darkness.The last war. God bless us 💖🙏

  • Elizabeth AA

    Louise of course was the light at the top of Hay House publishing where we have all made life-changing discoveries. I’ve got a few of her meditations on my phone, and I’d read some of her own books too. Not until she passed on however did I FEEL HER PRESENCE in my life. Quite literally. I feel like she’s in the room sometimes and can help put transformative thoughts into my head right when I need them. It’s weird and wonderful and, might I dare say, I am grateful that she has moved on from this plane so that she can be more omnipresent. I doubt I am the only one to feel this in recent days!
    Rebecca I got your audio for Light Is… yesterday and I am on my second listen-thru now. Your words are the exact thing I need at this time and I am so very grateful to you.
    We are indeed in a period of awakening and it’s wonderful to be part of it. My part has to do with interspecies connection, and what our fellow species on this planet have taught to me is what I have to pass on. I am currently working with a whale and dolphin scientist so that he can see his collection of data as a collaborative effort rather than a one-sided harvest. Sperm whales gave me specific instructions for him, and I am passing them on.
    The planet (and most of her inhabitants) are infinitely loving and giving towards humankind, just like a mother. But it’s meant to be a two-way relationship, not a one-way take-all. We humans must each identify our gifts, and give back. We must learn how, and transform our relationships – – those between humans and other species – – and quickly.
    Part of the great awakening you refer to Rebecca is that we must re-member how to hear the voices of those we live with. The trees, the animals, birds, insects, rocks and others with whom we share our living space. We can do it. The time is now.

  • Lisa Muxlow

    I feel as though so much has happened for ‘me’ this year … finally reconnecting to and understanding ‘me’. After winning tickets, I attended a yoga festival in Glastonbury back in July; it was a somewhat emotional weekend from start to finish and couldn’t immediately understand why other than realising that I was with the right type of people, those who understood, didn’t judge and only love was felt amongst everyone. I returned home with a feeling of confirmation to myself that years of feeling ‘different’ I realised I was just on a different level or connection to others around me and it was just quite overwhelming. I have finally, after years, been able to let go of attachments I have held onto for too long and feel like I have a constant hunger for knowledge of this special time we are living in, a time of awakening. I was recommended Light is the New Black a while ago by my yoga teacher and eventually listened to the entire book in a couple of days whenever I could last week. Rebecca’s words made me feel at home and I understand things more clearly than I ever have done. I have dipped in and out of various books over the last couple of months with Louise’s You can heal your Life being one of them after it being on my book shelf for years, I understand everything more clearly now. I started a study course in counselling 2 years ago, which I have struggled with but I understand the part it is playing in my journey forward.
    Thank you Rebecca for sharing your light and wisdom. Love and light x

  • Stephanie Herron

    I feel a strong sense of urgency. I feel like I want to know who I’ve been in past lives to better understand my current position, like it will reinforce my confidence and help me prepare for something really big that’s coming. I feel like I’m supposed to be a strong warrior for good, and I’m nervous not knowing how to train but very excited at the mental image I keep getting of standing in front of good and looking bad right on the heart while pushing it away. (I probably sound so ridiculous saying that… but that’s what I feel.)