Well, here we we are 9 months into both this year and the 9 year cycle that we embarked on at the beginning of this year. And what a year it has already been.

Numerologically, 2017 is a 1 year (the first of this 9 year cycle) which means it is all about foundations. And boy hasn’t it been. All that is not in alignment is rising up to be healed (individually and planetarily), looked at and addressed one and for all. The planets have been assisting us and while it has been challenging I am met with a deep reassurance that healing truly is possible and if we go all in, it is both more urgent and easier than it has been before.

For me, the focus has been on the body (like at a deep cellar level), home (where is it?), support (receiving a whole new level of it) and the nervous system (switching off the fight/flight reflex)! Talk about foundations. More on this later once everything has had a chance to land…. but fundamental changes afloat. And I know I am not alone.

It feels as though the whole nervous system of the planet is recalibrating and if you are even remotely highly sensitive, on some level you will have felt it. I know I have.

The message I keep receiving is how important it is to stay grounded and to USE the energy that we are feeling rather than be victims of it.

The eclipse saw us enter a new age, what I call the Age of Light and it is by no coincidence I believe that the mighty Louise Hay left her physical body after this transition. Words cannot express the deep gratitude that I have been feeling since hearing of her rising on. How one woman created so much change (and didn’t start this part of her journey until the age of 50) inspires me so much. If you are called to do something and think it’s too late, it most definitely is not. Remember, you’ve been training for this for lifetimes.

As for so many others, Louise was my introduction to all things soul. My first teacher. My original wise woman. May the seeds of light that she planted continue to bloom in us all.

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