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Hiraeth: Longing for home. Homesick for the stars. Hiraeth is a Welsh word that’s difficult to translate, but it refers to a certain longing or homesickness. A yearning for a home or a place to which we cannot return. This unexplainable, unshakable longing for ‘home’ is common in Starseeds and…

The Hathors

We the Hathors

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sneak leak of the upcoming Starseed Oracle. Last year Danielle Noel and I pilgrimaged to Egypt. After studying the ancient Gods and temples of Ancient Egypt since school it was the answer to a long standing call. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Our visit to Dendera to the Temple of Hathor only ever…

starseed oracle

Cover reveal!

I am so excited to finally be sharing the cover of The Starseed Oracle – a sacred collaboration that I’ve been working on with my dear friend Danielle Noel since last year! We have a beautiful new website too where you can get a free art print, iPhone wallpaper, two meditations (mp3 and video)…


Keeping your heart open. The challenge of life is to keep your heart open through the excruciating lows. We all face them. Moments when the only way of coping feels like caving in, cutting off and closing down. And while this may be a necessary form of survival. Of preservation….

Inner Temple | Rebecca Campbell


We each have within us an Inner Temple. A place where our soul’s whispers and intuitive senses can be felt, heard and known. Where we can drink from the sweet waters of our soul. A resting place. A place where we can feel at home. A place where we discover…

the creative process

The creative process

There’s no difference between creativity and soul… As artists, our job is to listen with our soul and report back what we see. Living the life of a creative requires a special kind of belief. The process itself is the ultimate act of faith. What was once nothing all of…

Sisterhood if the Rose Rebecca Campbell


The Sisterhood of the Rose is a lineage of priestesses and mystics who devoted their lives to serving humanity and seeding light consciousness all over the Earth. A cross-section of ancient lineages, it is the path of devotion and beauty.  Walking this path means being devoted to seeing and creating…

rebecca campbell opening soul space

Being a clear vessel in times of change

No one can get a clearer reading on who you are and what you are going through than you. This is why we are called to dig deep in times of change. Why it’s more crucial than ever to stay grounded. To be surrounded by people who champion your own…



Where do you need to establish better boundaries? You are being called to create clearer boundaries in your life. This could be with your friends, family, or work. Saying YES when you really mean NO leads to resentment, which is the biggest energy drain ever. At first it might only…

what i am reading

What I’m reading right now

I’m getting ready to go on my annual summer holiday and as I seem to be incapable of just reading one book at a time I tend to attempt to squeeze in 10 books into my carry on – just in case I feel inspired to read them. In most…

Pillar of Light Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle Cards


Your vibration is rising. You are the oracle. You are heaven and Earth in perfect expression. A conduit for the light of the heavens to the Earth. You are the rainbow bridge. Take time to meditate. Imagine yourself as a pillar of light connecting the light of the heavens above…

Fill Up Your Well Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle

Fill Up Your Well

Retreat. Rest. Refuel. The most selfless thing you can do is to fill up your own inner well. When we are running around half-filled, we subconsciously look to things and people around us to give us the nourishment and nurturing that we so deeply crave. Nothing can grow in barren…

Glastonbury Retreat fire ceremony

Glastonbury Pilgrimage Retreat

Last week was our fourth Rise Sister Rise Membership Sacred Glastonbury Pilgrimage and I am feeling just so grateful to the land for all of the blessings and holdings she gave. Being pregnant I found a new level of allowing of the Great Mother on this retreat and was humbled…

Winter Solstice

How I ended up in an actual rose petal shower

Wishing you a happy Solstice! Yesterday was Summer Solstice here in the UK today and after leading a meditation for my membership the moment the sun was at its closest (4.54pm), our friends Lisa and Rich Lister came over to celebrate for a BBQ. This week has been a bit…

baby altar

I have some news to share

I have some wonderful news to share. I’m getting ready to welcome 24 women for the Rise Sister Rise Glastonbury Pilgrimage Retreat tomorrow. It’s my second and last event for 2019 which I have mixed feelings about- but it is for a good reason… My husband and I are expecting…


Letting go and creating space

So far this year has been teaching me of the importance of creating and making space in so many ways. Of putting on the handbrake rather than running from one thing to the next. Of trusting the timing of my life. I have a tendency towards sentimentality and holding onto…

Trust your path Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle

Trust Your Path

If you knew you would be supported, what would you do? The Universe is conspiring. Keep facing your true north. Your job is not to pave the path, but to simply keep facing your true north and take one step after another. If you do this, you can’t go wrong….