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I provide free weekly guidance in my newsletter, and the best way to work with me is through  The Sanctuary Membership , The Inner Temple Mystery School, events and online courses. Due to the number of emails I receive I cannot provide personal advice by email.

You can find Frequently Asked Questions here.

For Rebecca's bio and headshots please go here.

If you would like to contact Rebecca's team regarding media requests, to submit a request for VIP days + VIP mentoring, or anything else not covered in FAQ's please use the contact form below:

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Where can I find Rebecca’s free Light Sourcing Meditation as mentioned in Light Is The New Black book?

Rebecca has created an updated version of her Light Sourcing Meditation called Light Bathing. You can download it for free in the FREE GIFTS section here.

Does Rebecca do private readings or sessions?

Rebecca is currently not working with people one to one. However there are several ways to still work with her:

- The Sanctuary Membership
- The Inner Temple Mystery School
- Personalised Oracle Reading (sent in the post)
- Online Courses
- Events, Workshops and Retreats

How can I request an interview with Rebecca?

Email my team at explaining the purpose of the interview, a bit about you, your audience reach and what you would like to interview Rebecca about. Please also include links to your podcast, website and social media.

How can I make a wholesale order of Rebecca’s products?

Rebecca’s publisher Hay House handles all wholesale orders and can help you set up a trade account with their distributors. Please contact and share the following information about your business:

  1. What is the nature of your business?
  2. Where is your business based?
  3. What is an average of your business’ sales?
  4. What kind of books/ DVDs/ CDs do you usually sell?
  5. Are you interested in specific authors?
  6. Are you interested in a particular kind of products (books, DVDs, CDs, calendars)?

Rachael will send over PDFs of their stock list and of their most recent catalogue for you to have a look at and will liaise with you on any further questions and queries you may have.

What can I do if I think I have purchased a counterfeit oracle deck?

We are very sorry to hear that you think you may have been sold a counterfeit oracle deck. Sadly we are hearing of more and more of these fake products being created by scammers and sold on sites such as E-bay and Etsy.

One tell-tale sign of a fake deck is if it does not include the guidebook; this comes as part of the official product and is not sold separately.

If you believe you have been sold a fake deck, you can contact the Hay House Customer Care team at

Are you looking for a Work Your Light certificate?

If you’ve completed the Work Your Light course and would like to get your personalised certificate of completion, please email

I have received a friend request or DM from someone impersonating Rebecca on social media, what do I do?

Rebecca does not ever request payment over DM. If you have received a friend request, DM or request for a reading/payment over social media, please report this account immediately via the social media platform.

Rebecca only has one Instagram: and one Facebook account:


Whether through her books, oracle decks, The Sanctuary Membership, online courses or events, Rebecca has made it her mission to bring you the tools you need to spend more time with your soul.

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