Let me deliver an Oracle Card reading directly to your doorstep.


A personalised reading delivered to your door…

Are you seeking a sign, a nudge, or guidance on your soul's path? Or maybe a special soulful treat or a moment to connect with your soul?

Each month I do a limited number of personalised oracle readings and deliver them in a special pink envelope from my home in Glastonbury to yours.



To receive the reading from Rebecca in my mailbox was nothing short of magical. In a time when we rarely receive actual mail from anyone, this experience is a balm to the soul. I can’t recommend this experience enough to anyone who resonates with Rebecca’s work. I’m in love and can’t wait to receive next month’s card pull.

– Sara Yamtich

Rebecca's intuitive abilities are truly remarkable, and she was able to tap into the energy of the cards in a way that felt deeply personal and meaningful.

– Lisa Travis

Thank you so much Rebecca - I was a bit hesitant to subscribe from overseas as it's a long way for the cards to travel, but when they arrived it was divine timing, and they are so on point and full of energy and make me very happy. Thank you!

– Sibylle Bechtel

I always look forward to receiving my pink envelope in the mail every month! The cards are always so spot on and always arrive at the right time.

– Aisha Sandelwood

Are you ready to receive inspitation and a roadmap to your soul's calling, offering you the clarity and direction to fulfill them?


What will the Oracle Reading reveal for you...?

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12 Monthly Readings

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£26 /reading

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Amazing value delivered monthly to your doorstep!

12 Monthly ReadingsOnce-Off Reading
Price per reading$24 USD (Save 25%)$32 USD
Sales Tax included in price
Personalised reading delivered to your doorstep
Receive a reading in the post each month
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Your soul is always calling, every moment of everyday.
The more time you spend with it, the clearer those calls become.


Can I order a reading anytime?

No, due to the personalized nature of this product Rebecca is only able to do a limited amount of readings per month.  When the readings are sold out you can join the wait list here.

I've been contacted for a reading from Rebecca via social media is this legitimate?

The only place to order a reading from Rebecca is on this page.  All other readings are fake.  We encourage you to report & block scam social media accounts immediately via the platform.

Which oracle deck will the card be pulled from?

Rebecca is currently using the Healing Waters Oracle for all readings.

What’s included in my reading?

As part of each monthly reading, you’ll receive a special gold-embossed envelope in the mail. Inside, you’ll find 2 beautifully illustrated Oracle Cards: your Soul Whisper card, and your Grounded Action card. Together, these cards will guide you forward on the path that your soul is calling you toward. The cards also come with a special holder so that you can place them on your altar or in any other sacred place for continued activations.

How long will my reading take to arrive?

Oracle Readings are shipped on or around the 1st of the month, and delivery times are subject to the postal service. Most orders arrive within 3-4 weeks.

Is Rebecca really doing all the readings?

Yes! Rebecca personally hand-pulls your reading from her studio in Glastonbury, UK, renowned as the Heart Chakra of the world.


Rebecca Campbell is a world-renowned writer, mystic, teacher, ritualist and creative. A bestselling author, her books and oracle decks are published in 30 languages.

Born in Australia, Rebecca now lives in Glastonbury, UK, a renowned spiritual center known as the Heart Chakra of the world.

Rebecca believes that we are nature and all of her creations are in devotion to the beauty of nature, the great mysteries, and helping you hear the whispers of your soul.

Weave the sacred into your everyday life with Rebecca's bestselling books, oracle decks, online courses, events, and membership.


Tag @rebeccacampbell_author when your reading arrives in the mail!

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