What the heck is my soul purpose?

soul purpose

soul purpose

I remember when I was in the depths of trying to work out what I was here to do I would look at other people who were living “their purpose” and assumed that they must have always known unwaveringly. Been 100% certain. No doubts. No questions. Smooth sailing. Let’s get this show on the road.

From the outside looking in, they made the whole thing look EASY. Like they got this singing telegram from God one morning revealing in minute detail exactly what they were put on this planet to do and were given a copy of it which they could refer to just to be sure.

They didn’t talk about the fact that they doubted themselves constantly, felt unqualified, fearful and never quite ready. Or how they spent months, years, sometimes even decades, secretly waiting for some kind of external validation or permission.

If you’re in that place where you are trying to work out want to devote your life to or even how to start aligning your life towards it, here’s what I want to say to you:

Your soul is always calling you. It doesn’t call on the telephone and it rarely ever shouts. Your soul calls in whispers, in subtle feelings, niggles and yearnings. Your soul calls in enthusiasm, in jealously, in what pisses you off and in what makes you shit scared.

But the quickest and easiest way I know to find your soul’s calling is to follow the trail of things that light you up.

follow what lights you up

It sounds so simple and that’s because it is. The trick is to do it with no attachment to the outcome, without trying to figure out where it will lead you… To simply follow what lights you up and then lose yourself in the doing. Your mind will make you believe it must be much much harder than that. It will demand an instruction manual, an end destination and a step by step guide. But soul callings don’t work like that.

When you follow what lights you up and lose yourself in the doing two things happen:

1. You turn on your inner light (i.e. your soul and spirit is activated)

2. You light up the world in a way that only you can (because what lights you up will be completely different to what lights anyone else up).

When you follow what lights you up you light up you are in your spirit. When you are in your spirit you are in flow with the universe. When you are in flow with the universe your life is in alignment. When your life is in alignment you are living the life that you were born to live AND even better, the life that ONLY you can live.

The triple bonus: When you follow what lights you up you light up the world with your presence. When you light up the world with your presence you automatically inspire others to connect with their own inner light. I.e your light is contagious.

Work your light: So what lights you up? Let me know in the comments below.

It can be as simple as flowers or dancing or chanting or writing. Incorporate the things that light you up into your day so that before you know it your whole life is filled with things that light you up.

  • Srimanju Katragadda

    Mantra Chanting, flowers, self love for me….

  • Jane Wolfe Smith

    So what lights me up? There, my teacher, is my problem…I don’t know what lights me up. I’m not sure how to find out.

  • Rianne Webster

    I started taking dance lessons a few months ago, ballroom and Latin. This had been on my bucket list forever. After losing my husband 18 months ago, something inside of me said ‘what are you waiting for’. I love it and it’s also building my self confidence back.

  • Hi @xshoshin:disqus , start small. It might be walking in nature, hanging with animals, making art. Don’t worry about where it is heading, just follow the things that light you up. When you do that you are in your spirit. When you are in your spirit you are in flow with the universe. When you are in flow with the universe you are likely to be inspired (in-spirited). All will be revealed. 🙂

  • What a beautiful heartening story @riannewebster:disqus. I bet your husband is dancing with you!

  • Amen @srimanjukatragadda:disqus

  • Thank you Rebecca this is a lovely article. I’ve been trying to figure out my purpose for about 7 years & finally now I’m starting to see my path and feel the flow… which is, to share my story with others who are also trying to figure out their purpose. The darkest part of the journey to get here, for me, was not knowing what lights me up. Even in meditation and visualisation all I could see was myself retreating from everything and lying on a beach – when I made myself get up from the beach I couldn’t see WHAT I’d like to do next. Fortunately I’ve now moved through that block, and I hope that my work now will help others in that position. Thank you again!

  • Nice article! What always lights me up is to walk around outside. No matter what mood I’m in, no matter the weather: i see the clouds (love nice clouds), hear the birds, smile to some people, feel the nature and I feel light and uplifted 🙂

  • Nina

    I love taking an idea and planning exactly how to make it happen. That’s probably my favourite thing in the world, weird though it might sound. I’m told that my eyes light up when I describe what I love. And I just naturally start writing notes about other people’s crazy ideas, even if they haven’t asked for my help. I spent much of last year trying that out as a business, and working out my ideal clients – but not making much progress.

    At the same time I was freelancing on a project that was seemingly unrelated. Eventually various circumstances intervened and I realised the blindingly obvious – that thing I love doing so much, I’d found my ideal client by accident, they just didn’t look much like I thought they did!

    Fast forward 6 months from that and I’ve just started working as an employee for that “ideal client”, getting to do all that stuff I love 🙂 So this article brought tears to my eyes.

  • Lizzy

    I love to play my ukulele! All life’s complications just disappear.

  • I love this post Rebecca! What lights me up is using astrology to help other people figure out what lights them up! After at least a decade of resisting my soul purpose, last year I finally faced my fears and started an astrology business. I got so sick of ignoring my soul whispers (they were getting very loud!), letting fear dictate my life, and dealing with one health crisis after another, that in the end I felt like I had no other option but to take the plunge. Did I feel ready? Hell no! Do I struggle with doubt? Constantly! Do I regret my decision? Absolutely not! I’m happier now than I’ve been in a very long time, maybe ever. Following your calling and creating a life that’s right for you is the best gift you can give yourself.

    Something that really helped me figure out which path to follow (I was contemplating numerous options there for a while!) was thinking about what I would seriously regret not doing with my life when I got to the end of it. I couldn’t face the prospect of reaching old age knowing that I hadn’t had a go at starting a business doing the thing I’m most passionate about (astrology!). It’s early days still and I have no idea where it’s going to go but at least I won’t die wondering 🙂 Thanks again for helping to reaffirm that I made the right decision!

  • Sarah Miller

    Blasting music and having a dance party in my living room 😀

    And having long, deep conversations about the beauty of spirit,miracles, why we’re here, spirit, light working, and life’s beautiful purpose.

    needed this. thank you!!! <3

  • Have bought stuff to paint. Love to paint and only doing it when someone else is asking me. Now I want to follow my own path with my own choices. How scary that is! Doing it anyway. Just and only because it makes me happy! (And I’m writing this because I don’t want to postpone it anymore. Chicken in me…;-))

  • Thank you for your work!

  • Amazing @disqus_YJ9bLSvYIQ:disqus!

  • Nature is the best. <3

  • yay! awesome work @disqus_OyWaUtuTHu:disqus!

  • Pleasure @bethanyaudley:disqus x

  • Anita Odekirk

    dancing, music, writing with my beautiful colored pens, hiking in the mountains, rivers, the ocean, my friends laughter and hugs, kirtan, the sunshine glowing on the leaves on the trees, sunsets and sunrise, the rainbows of color that stream across my room as the sun hits the crystals hanging in my windows, a call from a friend or my family, laughing and laughing and laughing, flowers and the smell of great food, fresh organic sweet blueberries and raspberries yum yum

  • Love all of this @anitaodekirk:disqus!

  • Jess

    Singing. Seriously… it makes me feel ALIVE 🙂 (And yes, my dear friend… even during all those chapel hymns, I was secretly enjoying myself!) I Have recently been belting out some Les Miserables showtunes in the car and I’m positively glowing! I’m about to start singing lessons, GULP, and don’t necessarily see it as a “career” or anything… just something that makes me feel awesome.

  • Jess

    Oh good advice. I’m in the same predicament as Jane 🙂

  • Barb Tower

    Drawing is what lights me up but I do not see the purpose of drawing as I cannot see the end destination. Then I think “What is the point”? This is sad really. Reading your blog makes me realise that I have been thinking about this all wrong. You have shed light on this inner struggle and that I should just listen to this niggle and just draw no matter what.

  • Melanie Kelly II

    Hey you beautiful soul ????

  • Srimanju Katragadda

    hey lovely.. great to see u here.. did u read the book <3

  • Melanie Kelly II

    Yes and I love it xxx