We were made for these times

Steven DaLauz
Artwork by Steven DaLuz
Steven DaLauz

Artwork by Steven DaLuz

‘Do not lose heart. We were made for these times.’ – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

With everything that has been happening around the world of late I’ve been in a bit of a self-prescribed cocoon the past couple of months. After some considerable inquiry I can say that it is not because I am in denial. Rather, it is because the guidance I have been receiving (perhaps you have too) has been to drop our roots even deeper, to open our hearts even more courageously and keep showing up with devotion to being the light. In a way this means business as usual, in another way it is much more than that.

Do not let the chaos and uncertainty and cruelty of recent times knock you off course. Instead, keep showing up to your devotional practice, keep finding ways for your heart to stay open, keep praying to be used as a channel, keep following the things that light you up, keep being discerning about what you consume, keep seeing the spirit in all people (especially the ‘other’), keep lighting up your corner of the world. What you do matters. Your prayers, your light, your love, your work, your compassion, your devotion, matters. This is not to say that we turn a blind eye on the darkness that exists. Rather to choose the light in the midst of seeming darkness.

This age we are living in has been prophesized by the mystics and sages of all the ages. The Mayans called it the New Dawn; Yogi Bhajan called it the Aquarian Age. I call it The Age of Light. And you decided to incarnate right in the middle of it.

Many of us have been ushering in this new age for lifetimes. Change makers, visionaries, priestesses, sages, wise women, wild women, witches, artists and healers of times past. This is the time we incarnated for. And I believe, we are much closer than we think.

Now is not the time to waver, now is the time to do the work. To commit to your devotional practice and light work and self healing like never before. To notice what is rising in you and what is falling away. To not banish the shadow, rather offer it up to the light. Over and over and over again.

In order to light up the world we must first turn on our own inner light. In order to heal the world around us we must first heal ourselves. In order to soothe the separation in the world, we must heal the separation we feel within ourselves. In order to heal from the past 5000 years of patriarchy we must heal the patriarchy that exists within ourselves. In order to create heaven on Earth we must first find heaven within our own Earth (our body). In order to birth a new age, we must first birth ourselves. And we are, birthing ourselves, every moment of every day.

Our role as light workers is not to be the electricity, it is to be the light. To show up and be the light over and over and over again.

I believe the shift so many of us came here to make IS HAPPENING. It may not be happening at the speed at which we would like, but in my experience, lasting change never does. This work is not easy. It’s why not everyone does it. But you are not everyone.

Do not let these times knock you off course. Now is the time to commit. To dig deep. To root ourselves in devotion. To find a way to open our heart despite what is unfolding around and within us. To embrace the ‘other’. To anchor and weave the light in whatever corner of the world we find ourselves in. What you do matters. Keep showing up and doing the work. Over and over and over again. These are the times we incarnated for.

I love you, and us and all of this.

  • Mel Bee

    I love this post – thank you Rebecca!!

  • This has come at a perfect time for me as just yesterday I found myself wondering what the point was when humans just seem to be hellbent on destroying the planet and every creature in it as well as ourselves. I was questioning my spiritual side and what my soul’s purpose was. So to read this today is a timely reminder to just keep on being a light in these dark days. Thank you.

  • Ben Ihloff

    Beautiful! Thank you. I love the part about not being electricity but rather being the light. We are a light from beyond energy itself. ✨🕯✨

  • DayOffDishes

    I got chills ALL over when I read this! I believe this too. I’m in the U.S. in the middle of these crazy elections and I feel it stirring everything up. So many emotions are rising up! Having these two candidates has really forced so many people to really open their eyes to this truth. They are starting to ask questions, voice love, wonder whether their jobs are satisfying. I used to tell very few about my dayoffdishes.com blog because they would look at me like I was crazy. But now, whether or not they read it, I’m finding so many are more receptive to this idea of awakening than they were just six months ago. It’s an amazing time to be alive! I have to really practice holding my energetic boundaries so as not to get pulled down by the collective fear. It’s not easy but thank God I’ve had great spiritual teachers at the time when I needed them. Like this post:)😀

  • Cathy J. Blanchette

    <3 love your words……………thank you and love you too………from one lightworker to another

  • Heather Farrow

    That is amazing, and stirring, Rebecca. Thank you so much. Sending love, Heather

  • Kate Snowise

    <3 <3 <3

  • Lorraine Pannetier

    Exactly what I’ve been thinking over the past few days. Shine even brighter in times of darkness 🙂 Thank you Rebecca. <3

  • Joy Clarkson

    This lightworker thanks you Rebecca. With clarity, you beautifully described our thoughts and how so many of us feel. We know where our strength comes from as we continue to share and shine our light to make a difference. Much love to so many for stepping up. Namaste

  • Jae Schaefer

    Such a beautiful reminder that we are all here for a reason. It makes me so happy seeing young people wake up to their Divine purpose at an even earlier age and in greater numbers – it’s taking less external drama to remind us that we are souls having a human experience and our mission here is to remember the truth of who we are and live accordingly.
    So grateful for this incarnation.
    Thank you Rebecca, you are such a blessing x

  • Rachael Stella


  • Nicole ♡

    I need to read this every single day! To remind me. To keep me on path when I’m so tempted to step off. Thank you Rebecca for giving us all permission to shine. Your light sparks our own 💖

  • Amira Joy Link

    My goodness, this is so timely and so needed to hear.
    Thank you Rebecca!!!
    Truly, I ve been feeling it that way for some time, but someone to actually speak out to me right into my face was much needed.
    There is a higher purpose for this chaos, and we are more then ever asked to create our inner temple.
    Amen. Amen. Amen

  • Adding my voice of gratitude and love from one lightworker to another. Your words resonate so deeply within me that it brought chills of tingling excitement to my belly. I’ve also been ‘MIA’ a lot lately because of an inner desire to dive into my own practice and unfolding service work, so reading this helps inspire me to keep trusting, keep slowly moving forwards, and keep living from love and light every day. No Matter What… We all have the strength of our ancestors behind us, cheering us on daily! Om Shanti xxx

  • Corli Claassen Luther

    Thank you! I so needed to hear this right now! xoxoxo

  • Charlene Hickey

    Thank you so much Rebecca, constant reassurance of my choices xxx

  • rt

    Thank you Rebecca for giving me my light to stay strong,be strong and believe things will work out for me during this challenging time.xo

  • Annette Hatfield Trent

    You are such a blessing for me. For months I kept having Australia in my heart, a longing feeling, Then I found your work, your words, your offerings and I knew instantly that this is what my conmection to AU was for. Thank you for stepping out and sharing, helping us All Be The Light ❤️

  • Sarah Adams


    Your book continues to change my life and my perspective as I turn thought the pages of #LightIsTheNewBlack. I can not wait for your new book #RiseSisterRise to arrive! I want to continue to find my light and focus on my authentic self but I am in search for more support from my angels. Spirituality and wellness are very new to me but since I almost lost my life a year ago due to being a victim of a very bad car crash..your book is the first thing that has made me come home to myself. Thank you for saving my soul, nudging me towards finding my purpose, and inspiring so many other women around the world. I would love to communicate/get in touch with other women who are looking to share their wisdom. My instagram name is “@weesade” where I am posting my journey and would like to invite other light children to join me. Stay beautiful Rebecca!

    Thank you.