What lights you up?


We light up the world by following what lights us up. The things that light you up will be completely different from what light me up. There are no wrong paths, no whopping mistakes, no complete day by day life plan etched into stone by the big G.

We are here to share the unique gifts that we all possess. There is no big secret to uncover, no contract which says “you will do x, after that you will do y, and straight after that you will do z”. We don’t discover our soul calling, we uncover it by following the trail of things that light us up and then lose ourselves in the doing.

If you love smelling flowers, smell flowers. If you love writing, start writing. If you love organising events, put on a show. If you love making art, get out the pastels. If you love raw food, start chopping. If you love taking pictures, snap happy. If you love dancing to classical music with a beat, give me a high kick. Don’t feel like you can only do one thing. Give your multi-dimensional soul what it craves. Do them all.

Don’t do it for a reason or an end goal, do it because you love doing it. Follow what you love without knowing where it will lead. When you follow what you love, The Universe will pick up on your expanded feelings and send you more things to match your newly found expansion.

Through following the things that lit me up I discovered that I loved taking photos, making things beautiful, surrounding myself with nature and mostly sharing the whispers of my soul through writing. I wasn’t writing to tell someone anything, I was writing to feel connected with my soul. I gave myself permission to play with these things every single day (not because I wanted to create something in particular but just because I let myself play).

One day while walking in Holland Park I heard my soul whisper and wrote it down in my moleskin with my favourite black Sharpie. I then took a beautiful photo of me holding the notebook with my big turquoise ring in the shot some peonies in the background (it should be illegal how much I adore peonies). I then posted it onto instagram along with a bunch of words that came flowing through me. I wasn’t writing for someone else, I was writing for myself. I felt light, energised, expanded and such joy.

So I did it again the next day. And then the next. And then the next. Before I knew it I had stumbled upon what I now call #RebeccaThoughts that I post regularly on my social media and blog. Writing these is such a huge pleasure; I could do it for hours and hours on end. When I write them I go into a place where time does not exist, I lose myself and a higher presence steps in. Anyway, #RebeccaThoughts then turned into my free ‘Instant Guidance Oracle’ on my website. Over time, after showing up to this joyful practice every day, my own unique writing style started to emerge. And so I wrote every day, for ten minutes at first, then twenty, then thirty, then hours on end. I started getting paid to write channelled #RebeccaThoughts for other people.

Then as I continued to show up, they turned into chapters of Light Is The New Black. What started as a five-minute bit of play for the pure enjoyment of it is now a full time job. And it only emerged because I kept following what lit me up without being attached to the outcome. Start small and follow the invisible trail of the things you love, before you know it you will land smack bang in the middle of your calling.

Work Your Light:

So, what lights you up? What do you love doing that makes you feel joyful, inspired, enthusiastic and light? Let me know in the comment box below: