Non-negotiable spiritual practice

Non-negotiable spiritual practice

You cannot hear the callings of your soul if you don’t carve time out to listen to them daily.

It wasn’t until 2011/2012, that I wholeheartedly committed to a daily non-negotiable spiritual practice. Choosing to show up to this practice each day has been singlehandedly the best decision I have made. It is the single thing that has created the biggest transformation in my entire life. Committing to a discipline of showing up to your soul is like putting a message into The Universe saying: “I’m serious about this and I’m ready to be supported”.

I used to be a total dabbler. I threw myself into loads of different practices, but I’d often feel overwhelmed with all of the stuff I “should” be doing. Meditation, journaling, yoga, cutting cords – you name it, I tried it – it felt like I needed a whole extra life to get it all done. And because I didn’t have a routine of showing up without fail every day, when I had a super crappy or busy day, my spiritual practice was the first thing to slide. But it was in these days that I needed my practice the most.

Committing to the discipline of a daily practice does not mean you have to meditate for two hours or even one, it just means that you show up to something every day without fail. My daily practice consists of two things:

  1. Light Sourcing (download it for free here)
  2. Prayer/Chanting

This non-negotiable practice takes 15 minutes a day. It happens no matter what. Many days I do more. Some days I chant for over an hour. But no matter what I do these 15 minutes.


It is simple (and realistic) enough that no matter where I am or what I’ve got on, there is no excuse not to do it. The more I show up to it, the more my life turns into one big practice, into one big moving prayer. I cannot express enough the impact committing to a non-negotiable spiritual practice can have on your life. Whenever a client comes to me wanting change, this is always the first thing I recommend. Our soul is waiting to guide you. The Universe is ready to support you every step along the way. But in order to connect to it, we first need to show up.

Work Your Light

Do you currently have a daily spiritual practice that you show up to? Are you willing to carve 10 mins aside every day to meditate?

  • Deborah Chalk

    Yes I do have a daily spiritual practice. At the moment I do Belinda Davidson’s chakra meditation and some journalling afterwards. I also see the ballet that I do as a kind of moving meditation. I am so looking forward to doing your white light meditation Rebecca and to reading your book, which came in the post yesterday. Thank you! D

  • Katrina

    I’d love to know more about your chanting practice. Do you have a previous post on that?

  • kriscooki

    Oh I love your videos darling! Just got this in my inbox as I am sitting here with my cuppa contemplating my morning meditation haha time to do it me thinks! P.s. lurveeee your lippy too looking so spiritual glam fab! xo

  • NewAgeHipster

    As a Gemini I used to find meditating reeeeeeeaaaally difficult! I’ve found the best thing for me is to mix it up. One morning I might do a huge long guided meditation, the next day I might just do ten minutes listening to some chill music, other days I’ll sit in silence in bed for a while. It’s still totally non-negotiable but I know there’s freedom within that and that makes me really happy! Thanks for another awesome video!! Loads of love and light <3 xx

  • Victoria Cunningham-Downey

    I trained in kundalini yoga back in 2001 but haven’t practiced for years and then, this summer, I reintroduced a 30 day Sadhana (spiritual practice) with the kundalini Har meditation to increase proseperity and I’m certain it’s no coincidence that work plans all came to fruition shortly after!

  • Teri Bailey-Weibert

    Dear Rebbeca, I like you have been a dabbler in meditation for way to long. About 4 months ago I committed & made a non negotiable contract with myself. I wake up feet hit the floor I sit on my meditation chair & begin your “Sourcing Meditation” It is the best meditation I have ever used in that it fills me with light & “Just lights me up.” I am now a student of the School of the modern mystic and am also clearing my Chakras daily & my life is having huge Shifts, ALL GOOD. I love the work you do, You’ve become my go to girl!!!
    Many Blessing,
    Teri in Montana

  • Love Belinda 🙂 I hope you enjoy the book Deborah!

  • I don’t, but will add it to the list for upcoming blogs 🙂

  • Thanks Kris!

  • 🙂

  • Love it Victoria!

  • I’m so glad Teri! Enjoy working with Belinda and keep up the Light Sourcing 🙂

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