Pillar of Light Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle Cards


Your vibration is rising. You are the oracle. You are heaven and Earth in perfect expression. A conduit for the light of the heavens to the Earth. You are the rainbow bridge. Take time to meditate. Imagine yourself as a pillar of light connecting the light of the heavens above…

You are not for everyone rebecca campbell

You are not for everyone

The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, will point blank not like you. But it is also filled with those who will love you fiercley. They are your people. You are not for everyone and that’s OK. Talk to the people who can hear you….

who lights you up?


There are two different types of people: those who get their energy from others, and those who replenish their energy by spending time on their own (drawing it from source). Most lightworkers fit into the latter category. (Which is why developing a daily practice where you connect with source is…

Creating a sacred space

What started as a teeny tiny altar has turned into an entire section of my house. My office is not an office as much as it is a sacred space for my soul to express herself. Filled with everything that is conducive to allowing my heart to open and my…

high vibe film

Five great high vibe films

I know it’s probably seen as “unspiritual” but I love nothing more than getting my fave takeaway, snuggling up in bed with my laptop and zoning out while watching an awesome series or movie. It’s my fave way to relax, but it’s gotta be good. I’m not much of a reality…

17 ways to raise your vibration fast

I don’t know about you but the past year has been a total whirlwind of crazy energy. In between the eclipse/something always being in freaking retrograde/and all of those full and new moons that just keep coming, I reckon for anyone remotely sensitive it’s hard to not let it sway you….