Creating a sacred space

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What started as a teeny tiny altar has turned into an entire section of my house. My office is not an office as much as it is a sacred space for my soul to express herself. Filled with everything that is conducive to allowing my heart to open and my spirit to step forward.

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rebecca campbell

(pic by Madeline Giles)

When I was working in the corporate world I could feel how much my soul yearned for beauty, space and sacred aloneness. It is in this beauty, space and aloneness that I feel most part of life. ‘Alone’ being the window to the experience of ‘All one’. It is in this sacred aloneness that my soul is nourished and my spirit replenished.

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(spirit portrait by Louise Androlia)


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We cannot give what we do not have. When we are nourished, our well is filled. When our well is filled we are able to share it with the world around us. What nourishes you? What nourishes your soul more than anything else?

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Creating a sacred space is such a simple yet powerful act. A place devoted to the part of you that whispers, calls and yearns. A space that acts as an invitation to the universe to support you. It can be as small as a window ledge or as big as a whole room.

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It can be as simple as one candle or flower, or an entire altar devoted to the subtle realms. It can by physical or a virtual like a Pinterest board. It can be permanent or carried with you. It can be extravagant or understated.

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I want to hear from you. Do you have a sacred space in your home? A place that is indusive to inviting your spirit to come out and play? Describe it or even post a pic of it in the comments below.

  • Tina Louise West

    Beautiful indeed! I have 3 sacred places in my home. One is situated as you enter my home, with a small buddha after fountain, lots of crystals, fresh flowers and whatever else may catch my eye is usually put here, plus some of my cherished books. The second alter is beside my bed where my treasured Archangel cards sit with my statue of Archangel Michael and also a statue in bronzed gold of an Angel with her wings spanned out. I also have more books and crystals here! The last place is outside in my garden, as I live on 3 acres of natural bushland so I can sit quietly and be close to nature, this is where I meditate. There is a stone seat surrounded by crystals, more statues of Angels, dragonflies & crystals hanging down from the trees also. <3

  • wow, sounds absolutely divine Tina <3

  • My desk is the living room table… But I find a big bunch of fresh flowers and sitting near a window with natural light and my notebooks works for me. And of course my kitty cat on the floor next to me in her bed. I work better with less things… But flowers and cat = a must.

  • Melanie Kelly II

    Thank you Rebecca ! I have been telling myself for weeks that I need to create my sacred place and this email was the universe calling me to do so! I cannot wait to meet you in a couple of weeks at your workshop in London. I am flying all the way from Malta 🙂

  • Ha ha all I can say is enjoy it while you can. Four children later and my sacred space is anywhere I can close the door! My alter is hiding in my wardrobe! Love your images, as John O’Donoghue says, (or words to that effect) once we surround ourselves with beauty we remember how beautiful we are. Hugs xx

  • Oh amazing Melanie! I am so looking forward to meeting you. Enjoy creating the acred space <3

  • love it abby! I can imagine!!!

  • Love it Ash! Flowers + cat, so good! xoxoxo

  • Srimanju Katragadda

    Loved and resonate with your newsletter , my altar is everywhere.. before it was Indian idols only since 2010 its everything that brings in peace to me <3 few pictures here..

  • Srimanju Katragadda

    omg Mel you would love it.. I heard Rebecca at hay house writers workshop in May .. was amazing <3

  • Tina Louise West


  • As a feng shui consultant+teacher this is one of my fab topics so I really enjoyed this post! Kudos also for the creative suggestions eg going virtual etc. I have a project supporting people who have lost their homes & belongings through bushfires etc and creating sacred space (especially in their own hearts) is the first step I suggest to support their journey home xxx

  • Love this post! As a creativity mentor, I always teach the necessity of creating a sacred space for your work, and commiting fiercly to that space, not just to the work that happens there. Over time, that space becomes the keeper of our creativity, and we can step straight into the flow of it, just by entering that space.
    Here’s my little nook! Filled with pens and paintbrushes, stacks of noteboooks, art I love, crystals, an old statue of virgin Mary, and so much more. It’s my happy place.

  • Melanie Kelly II

    Counting the days dear Rebecca 🙂 and srimanju…. I miss you girl ????

  • Thank you, Rebecca – your space is beautiful! This post was wonderful and the timing was perfect. My husband and I finally finished organizing our home office this weekend. I’ll be spending a lot of time in this space. It’s bright and filled with flowers, candles, books, and colors I love. It has definitely become a sacred space that will evolve even more over time!

  • Mariya

    Love your post Rebecca and pictures!! Thank you. I have a sacred corner which is my favourite place on earth at this moment! I have been using my sacred corner for my mediations, card readings or simply just sitting there after work for a few months now. In the beginning it did not feel sacred to me at all but now I feel how it works….. I now need only a few minutes there and I feel how quickly I can reconnect and align myself. My sacred corner is now also a favourite place for my cats. Xxx

  • Rinku

    Hello everyone . This room is my sacred space . I meditate and pray in here . My candles and incense create a lovely light aroma and people who come here says its v peaceful .
    I feel very centred in this room. Once I was quietly sitting and reading and my plant suddenly shook very hard ! .
    Peace to all X

  • Hi Rebecca,

    I love you and have read your book. I wondered if you could suggest a sacred place that would help me reflect and heal from a baby I lost?

  • Elixir Marketplace

    Love this post! I had a sacred space at home in Sri Lanka but since I moved to New York few years ago, this has been missing from my life. I’ve been thinking I need to set up a space but never got a round to it. You just inspired me to make it happen 🙂 Lovely post! x, Mahesha

  • Marley

    My art room is currently my best sacred space where I have all my paintings, drawings, and pictures printed out of colors and goddesses that inspire me. I’d like to convert my room into a meditation/yoga practicing area.

  • Sounds divine

  • Rebecca Campbell

    I’m so glad!

  • Rebecca Campbell

    You could get a rose quartz to represent them. Or you could get a pink candle and light it in memory of the spirit that walks with you x

  • Rebecca Campbell

    What a beautiful sanctuary Rinku!

  • Rebecca Campbell

    Sounds divine!

  • Rebecca Campbell

    So bright and airy!

  • Rebecca Campbell

    So beautiful

  • Rebecca Campbell


  • Srimanju Katragadda

    Thank you dear… Hope you enjoying sunny side of the world <3

  • I have bought a pink candle and had used it. I loved this idea. I hadn’t thought of the rose quartz. I will definitely do this.Thank you so much!

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