17 ways to raise your vibration fast

I don’t know about you but the past year has been a total whirlwind of crazy energy. In between the eclipse/something always being in freaking retrograde/and all of those full and new moons that just keep coming, I reckon for anyone remotely sensitive it’s hard to not let it sway you.

I’m beyond grateful for my daily practice and suitcase full of practical tools learned over the years that have allowed me to bring my vibration back to centre amidst all the increased energy buzzing around.

I believe that our purpose as Lightworkers is to raise the vibration of the planet. I innately knew that when I was younger but had no freaking idea how to do it! But the truth is, it doesn’t take a big action to increase your vibration. So this week I’ve collated 17 of my fave ways to raise your vibration in an instant (accompanied by some of my all time fave gif lols).

1. State out loud one thing that you are grateful for in that moment.


2. Have a dance party for one



3. Eat more raw stuff: The more organic and unprocessed, the higher the vibe.


4. Take an epsom salt bath.


5. Meditate: Light Sourcing is my fave.


6. Find yourself a patch of earth, kick your shoes off and let mother earth do her ‘thang.


7. Say NO to something that drains your energy.


8. Have a tech detox


9. Get out of your left brain & into your right by creating something that didn’t exist a moment before.


10. Breathe deeply: the more oxygen your cells get, the more alive you will feel.


11. Read a high vibe book, like this one (sneaky plug.)


12. Say something nice to a stranger.


13. Head to the ocean and let those negative ions do their thing.


14. Get yourself hugged.

15. Look around and notice something beautiful.


16. De-clutter your work and living space.


 17. Call in some high vibe friends who raise you up not pull you down (and maybe do a social inventory while you’re at it).



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How do you raise your vibration fast? Let me know in the comments below!


(All images via tumblr)
  • NewAgeHipster

    OMG I LOVE this list Rebecca! I’d put watching Xanadu on my list along with belting out a power ballad and pulling some cards! <3 x

  • What fabulous reminders and I just love how you present things! So glad I joined your list.

  • Such a good list Rebecca. I swear by dance parties for one. x

  • Stacey Crosskill

    Brilliant, so needed this!

  • Fabulous list! I keep beautiful images and sayings I like on my desktop and a special photo album- so I can access them anytime, anywhere! It could just be a pic of my cat… if I’m not already in her presence 🙂

  • Rebecca Atherton

    You are a delight and truely beautiful. I have been following you for a long time and you never fail to lift, comfort and energise me. Thank you. Your journey is so heartening, inspiring me to believe in that still small voice inside. I wish you happiness, health and success, in no particular order, so long as you get each one in copious amounts. X

  • Priti Singer

    Thank you for your wonderful list. I want to acknowledge you commented on many things happening this year. It’s true and its also very annoying; in the sense that I thought I was making lots of headway and then all this retrograde, new moon full moon poop came along. Don’t get me wrong I agree with it, and by acknowledging that agreement I also permit myself to these things (also annoying) catch 23 muthalovers!

  • Great idea @tara_baklund:disqus x

  • 🙂

  • Totes!

  • Me too @dominiquehurley:disqus 🙂

  • OMG Xanadu = best ever!

  • I hear you sister! Keep shining your light too <3

  • Awwww thank you @rebecca_atherton:disqus 🙂 Keep listening to that voice, it never fails. Wishing you so much happiness and love too x

  • Marrsha Troyer Massino

    Love it Rebecca! You are right on with this list. The energy now is picking up with Aries Sun and Aries Moon, going into the New Moon tomorrow – giving us a swift kick in the rump to go out and get things done!

  • Paige Phoenix

    This is great, thank you. I have a question though- can you suggest anything to keep vibrational energy up when sleeping? I find that I wake up often to find that my mind has hijacked the show overnight, and it can take quite a lot of work to get back on track…. :-/

  • Rebecca Campbell

    I love grounding technology sheets and blankets: http://www.groundology.co.uk/about-grounding

  • Rebecca Campbell

    I love grounding sheets and blankets: http://www.groundology.co.uk/about-grounding

  • Paige Phoenix

    Thanks! I’ll check it out 🙂

  • Blaise Jun

    I think about my lover’s smile and laugh, or a cat smiling~
    Blessings 😀

  • MoonRayne Swan

    Hug each of my kids twice 🙂

  • Qi Huna

    Play with my golden retrievers in the morning.
    Meditate with my feet in mother earths dirt in the noon.
    Hug all of my girlfriends at a local bar, and make love at night.

  • Noura Al-Jabeli

    I wanted to read this till I saw that gif of that ignorant racist & sexist (aka lena dunham) I doubt you’ll write something that can benefit me spiritually when you respect someone so negative and repulsive.
    Have a nice day.

  • judiek15

    People, like words, only have value or meaning that you place on them. I don’t even know who Lena dunham is so she had/has no bearing on the message, which is a good message. The term “don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater” comes to mind.

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  • Michelle R

    Great post, I really enjoyed it, funny and practical. Thank you

  • erika

    Well I guess if I lived in la la faeries n frosted cupcakes land these would serve beneficial. ..

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  • Heidi Corrine Kreklau

    sing sing sing

  • Petter Richardsen Nordhagen

    Singing! Thank you. Love.

  • Lily May Spencer

    Thank You! it cant help but be a Beautiful place {the space I am in,You are in}when we help someone, hug someone, SING! Love and Peace LILY

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  • Dee

    Thankfully, nonmagical merrry creatures that are unfortunate to be stranded in other parts of the country, can benefit as well. I can only speak of my own thoughts, but to me the mind, body, and soul must each be guided into a less stressed out state, and there are many benefits compared to keeping the negatives. Obviously, it may not be the solution to an issue, but a calmer, centered person has an increase in going about a solution. The “why” or “beliefs” aren’t the focal point. Especially here in la la fairies n frosted cupcakes land. I would hate to see a stressed out leprechaun having a bad day at work.
    I am being quite sarcastic, but not to offend. You are only stating your thoughts, so I am politely disagreeing.

    My very un-magical therapist taught me some of her professional tools to help prevent a panic attack from turning into a full blown PTSD meltdown. I have been on many antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills and it was just a dropper hole each pill. So cupcakes or not, there is really no need to be disrespectful, when all that is necessary is to move onto the next and keep surfing the net.

  • erika

    Well, I’m sure I’m going to come across as sounding like an energy/vibration snob, elitist but I thought these suggestions were incredibly simple, elementary, a list akin to what I’d find flipping thru the pages of Cosmo or People magazine. I find spiritual/new age/consciousness ideas fascinating and I do subscribe to it. However, dancing around my living room w/ the music turned up? Really? Sure, I’ve done that lots of times when the mood strikes, it felt good, but as far as raising my energetic vibration, or elevating my consciousness to a higher level….hardly not. I expected a list similar to what I’ve read on other websites that actually put some time and effort into researching this topic instead of just going for the obvious pop culture suggestions. How about limiting prescription drugs? Where the damaging side effects sometimes surpass the actual benefit? And please don’t attack me thinking I’m anti prescription drugs. I have a serious neurological condition where I can’t escape them. But I went from popping a total 44 pills a DAY in the beginning down to just 7. That definitely helped ‘raise my vibration’. How about stopping or cutting down the amount of meat you eat? I’m not vegan, I love meat but having researched the horrors of factory farming and the idea that when you eat meat you are eating the suffering that animal went thru during slaughter. Quantum physics states the entire Universe (that includes us) is 99.9% energy, and just 0.01 physical matter- so think about it, that pig, cow, chicken that was essentially murdered you are ingesting the ‘energy’ in the form of meat. Not a great way to raise your vibration so I’ve actually stopped eating meat as much as I can. Alcohol/cigarettes. Ever wonder why they call alcohol spirits? The belief that a negative entities exist in alcohol and ingesting that alters your own soul, your own spiritual vibration. Here’s a link to an article that put some tremendous effort and listed some hefty ways to actually lift your energetic vibration. http://energyfanatics.com/2009/09/29/raise-your-energy-vibration/

  • Dee

    I hope I did not come off as attacking. If so I sincerely apologize. I am a sarcastic chick, but only try to share awareness of others’ perception, not necessarily to agree. I am personally against many prescriptions to the degree that many doctors just throw pills at patients, regardless if they have any education on them. I applaud you! 44 a day to 7 is amazing. I Cant imagine the stress compared to the 21 a day I was on/ in hell. Thank you for your reply, with suggestions. I just assumed you were trolling. I have begun to alter my habit of consuming meat products, but never considered the negative energy, just the “unhealthy” things. I appreciate it. I began my new life 3 years ago and that included rehabilitation from alcohol and painkillers and Agree! If alcohol does not contain negative energy, it was the alarm clock that awoke all of mine. I now understand that a higher degree of a vibration lift may be neeeded for some, but I cannot deny sometimes just belting out a song loudly and dancing can at least give me that one small pause I need, to reset and try to stop myself from going overboard.

  • erika

    I hope I didn’t bring you down w/ nonsense words,. And thanks for offering up a dialogue that was genuine n honest. It kinda sounds like we have much in common and I think its awesome how you are going about making your life to be as best it can ; )

  • Dee

    Oh not at all darlin! I see my reply didn’t post?! I’m new to the site, but had some awesome positive stuff written! I am the queen of shoving my foot in my mouth because I am very upfront, but not always Good at filtering my point and staying respectful. I remember I wrote that I truly appreciate your reply and tips, because I am a newb and undisciplined. Thank you so much for reaching out, and I likewise hope I did not bring you down. I also need to open my perception and further add some knowledge . You are spunky and I appreciate it deeply!

  • erika

    let me guess, Sagittarius? me too, Ditto on foot in mouth n filters but see, sometimes being that brazen can be good! Good luck!

  • Virginia Russell

    What is meant by social inventory?

  • Pam Jeffery

    What type of people you hang with positive or negative ones. 🤔

  • Nionwa Jahi

    good ideas

  • Jyng Laguitan

    I exercise intensely with my fave rock or oldies music in my headphone. I also ride my bike in the morning with the same music mentally greeting each person along the way with “thank you”… Very Euphoric..

    Thank you for this post! ❤❤❤

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