who lights you up?

There are two different types of people: those who get their energy from others, and those who replenish their energy by spending time on their own (drawing it from Source).

Most lightworkers fit into the latter category. (Which is why developing a daily practice where you connect with Source is so important).

You’ve worked hard to raise your vibration, so it’s worth taking note who in your life raises you up energetically, and who drains you. Who you genuinely want to be spending your time with and who you are doing so with out of habit (if you are doing it out of habit, the other person will be also).

I see so much in my practice that healers and light workers who maybe haven’t stepped fully into their calling may be surrounded by people who have unofficially recruited them as their healer or uplifter, which is the perfect distraction to doing the work. But it happens to all of us!

The thing to remember is that every single relationship is an energetic agreement, and so no one can take your energy unless you let them. So if you find yourself being the electricity for others ask yourself, what are you getting from it? Remember to be the lighthouse, not the electricity supply.

This doesn’t mean that you should only hang out with people who are wholeheartedly committed to raising their vibration and in an optimistic place in their lives.

Rather, it’s about becoming aware of who has the tendency to drain you so you can look after your energy levels and decide on how much time you spend with them, or perhaps more importantly, so you can decide when you spend time with them (e.g. when your well is full not when you are running on empty).

Work Your Light:

Who in your life lights you up and who drains you?

What is your soul calling you to do right now to replenish your energy? (If in doubt, try this)

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