Five great high vibe films

high vibe film

I know it’s probably seen as “unspiritual” but I love nothing more than getting my fave takeaway, snuggling up in bed with my laptop and zoning out while watching an awesome series or movie. It’s my fave way to relax, but it’s gotta be good. I’m not much of a reality fan and I reckon I spend more time searching for the right show to watch than actually watching it. And I really struggle to find high vibe content.

There was a while there where instead of starting the business that I have now, I considered starting a high vibe tv station (as you do).

The past couple of weeks I’ve been in heaven inhaling all the high vibe films from the Free Hay House World Summit and wanted to share with you guys my fave ones:

1. The Shift

Wayne Dyer I love you. Hello Portia de Rossi!!!!! Goes well with popcorn.

2. You Can Heal Your Life

Louise Hay is my homegirl. Everytime I watch this I feel more at peace. Goes well with tea and toast.

3. The Shadow Effect

So powerful. Love the work Debbie Ford gave to the world. Goes well with dark chocolate and a fat glass of red.

4. E-Motion

Looks at the effect fear and emotions have on our body, mind and spirit. Goes well with pad thai.

5. Walk In

Inspired by the best-selling book Summer’s Path by Scott Blum. Great soundtrack. Goes well with thin crust pizza from the local Italian.

If you’re not already signed up to the Hay House World Summit, you can stream all these free films (and loads more) for free until May 28. Get hooked up here. Or if you fancy owning them (and 100 inspiring talks) download them here.

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