Soul-led life

Rebecca Campbell rose garden


If you look up the word nature in a dictionary, you’ll see that one definition is ‘all the plants, animals, and physical features on the Earth, as well as its forces and processes.’ You’ll also see that this definition doesn’t just omit humans, it specifically states that we’re not part…

Avalon in full bloom

Avalon in full bloom

Summer is here after what has felt like a very, very long winter. Inner and outer. And Avalon is now in full bloom, bees buzzing, buds bursting and blossoms taking my breath away with every step. My roses and peonies are lighting me up more than I imagined. Sunny seems…


The importance of grounded action

  I hope you are okay amidst everything that is happening around the world. We are still in lockdown here in the UK. Like most new mums I’m pretty sleep deprived and juggling the running of my business during lockdown. Like many, I am missing my family and friends AND…