My secret to Living a Soul-Led Life

I want to share with you my secret to living a soul-led life. It took me 20 years to figure it out, but it’s actually really simple and I’m going to share it with you now. I call it The Three Steps to Living A Soul Led Life and it’s how I now live my life every single day.

Over the past decade I have worked on creating a way of living which taps into the wisdom of the soul and the intelligence of life, and then grounds it with daily action.

I do the three steps every day and it takes no more than 15 minutes. I wish I knew about them earlier in my life! 

The biggest shift in my life happened when I committed to showing up to listen to and act on the whispers of my soul with consistent regular rhythm and that’s what the three steps are all about.

The three steps are:

STEP 1: Connect with your soul through a soulful practice.

STEP 2. Receive the call of your soul through a practice like Soul Inquiry.

STEP 3. Act on the whispers of your soul by taking a baby step in that direction.

The Three Steps

Let’s start with what the word ‘soul’ actually means to me. The soul is the ancient part of us that chose to be here in this life, in this body, on this planet, at this time. It is connected to the same intelligent pulse of life that tells the flowers when to bloom and the seasons when to come and go. It is the part of us that is wise beyond our years and is always calling us towards our most aligned life.

The soul speaks in whispers, dreams, visions, feelings, longings and yearnings. If we want to live a soul-led life we need to develop a relationship with our soul and invite it to step forward and lead us. 

Once you have developed a deeper relationship with your soul you may find that you are able to be in constant communication with it. That your mind, body and soul are in a constant dance. Showing up to the three steps each day will deepen your connection with your soul and support you through all of the seasons of your life.

The three steps don’t just connect you with your soul and your intuition. They take it two steps further by inviting your mind and body to be put to work, led by your soul. 



Step 1 is all about showing up to a non-negotiable daily practice. This could be anything from meditation to chanting, from dancing to walking in nature, from reading poetry to journaling. Anything that invites your soul to step forward and your mind to step aside.

You know you have made a connection with your soul when you feel time stretch and expand. You drop into the centre of your heart and have an increased capacity to listen and feel to the voice within, otherwise known as your intuition.

Your daily practice doesn’t have to take an hour, ten minutes is great. Consistency is the key. Select the amount of time that you know you can show up to with rhythm. When I decided to show up to an unbroken daily practice, my life began to transform. It’s the best decision I ever made. 



As I mentioned earlier, the soul speaks to us subtly – it does not shout, it whispers and speaks to us in feelings and knowings and visions. I have found that providing a structure to receive a message from your soul is one of the most powerful things you can do. Each day we are bombarded with messages from outside of ourselves, when we take the time to tune in and receive a message from our soul we are tapping into the intelligence of life and when we do this it feels incredible. 

The structure that I use is Soul Inquiry. Soul Inquiry is simply put, a dialogue with your soul. You ask simple open questions to allow your soul to step forward and speak. One of the Soul Inquiry prompts I use the most is ‘My soul is calling me to….’

I recommend doing the Soul Inquiry Process by writing down your answers. You can fill an entire page or you can write one sentence. When you are writing, trust what comes and try not to overthink it. Begin writing before you know what you are writing. Let your soul, guide your hand. 

Just like any relationship, the more time you spend listening to your soul, the deeper the relationship gets and the easier it is to differentiate between the voice of your head and the voice of your soul.


All of the intuition in world is pointless unless we act on it. And that’s what step 3 is all about. Receiving intuition is one thing, acting on it is completely different. 

Sometimes when we hear the voice of our soul it doesn’t always make sense and sometimes it can feel out of reach. For example, I remember when I kept hearing my soul tell me to write books, but I had no idea how to do that. And that’s where step 3 comes in… 

The key to Step 3 is that it is not a great leap, it is a baby step. It’s something you can do today in direction of the call. So the baby step for me, when I was receiving the guidance to write a book was not to write the first chapter, it was to write for 10 minutes that day.


As I was committed to doing the three steps…. Connecting to my soul through spiritual practice, listening to the call through soul inquiry and taking action, day after day I showed up for my writing – eventually, I had a book outline, then a proposal, then a publishing deal, and finally a book. 

Don’t underestimate the power of step 3. Taking baby steps in the direction of the call will transform your life. You will move from receiving guidance to living a guided life. When you are living a guided life, you find yourself in flow with life. It also feels really good showing up and completing the baby step each day.  

Listening and acting on the calls of our soul is not a one-time thing, it is a way of life. It requires that we prioritise the connection, trust the guidance we receive and act on it each and every day. 

So that’s my secret to living a soul-led life!

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