Discover Your Cosmic Blueprint Course

discover your cosmic blueprint

There is a special offer on my course Discover Your Cosmic Blueprint at the moment and $400 worth of free gifts for anyone who joins!

This in-depth, experiential, informative course will guide you on a unique and powerful exploration of your own soul, helping you to map your unique soul history, unlock your soul’s gifts and step toward what you came here to do. You’ll discover how to reclaim your soul’s wisdom, attune to the Akashic Records, remember your past lives, call back the power of your star origins and ground your learning in order to embrace even more of who you truly are.

I was inspired to create this course as a way to help people write their own Soul Book (think baby book, but documenting your soul’s history!). The very first product I created was actually an individual soul report based on this exact process, but I couldn’t keep up with the demand (as they took me 5+ hours each to create!) So I am excited to be able to offer an experiential course to help you create your own.


As with all my work, it’s always my preference to empower you to connect to the Inner Temple of your own soul and find the answers for yourself, rather than relying on anyone outside of you to do it for you, so I love that I can share this experiential course to help you uncover who you are as a soul – my absolute favourite topic!

The course includes:

  • 6 in-depth video modules on how to listen to your soul and embody your light
  • Clear instruction on how to unravel your unique soul history and star origins
  • Guidance on how to awaken to and follow your highest purpose
  • A sacred interactive workbook in which you will write the Book of Your Soul
  • 19 downloadable Soul Journeys and meditations (video + mp3) to help you source guidance, whenever and wherever you need it
Join me in Discover Your Cosmic Blueprint & explore more in writing the book of your soul. Find out more and enrol here.
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