Do you believe in destiny?

I believe in both destiny and free will. I believe our soul came in with a plan, and there may be a golden thread woven through our life where there are soul agreements that we’ve made to do certain things. Agreements where we came to express specific gifts or share certain messages. We may also be here to play a part in other people’s journeys. And this happens through our relationships with others.

However, I don’t think everything is completely destined, and this is where free will comes in. There are moments plotted along the thread of our lives where we have opportunities to meet them and follow through. These moments become choices we get to make. And even then, there are many different ways to express and follow through on those opportunities along our life thread.

For example, I always felt like I had a message to share, even when I was really young, and it would stress me out trying to work exactly the right way to do it. When I look back, I think there were so many different ways I could have expressed what I came here to express. There were many ways I could have shared the message I was holding since I was young. No matter which way I chose, I had to follow through. My message being shared required determination and taking grounded action every single day.

Even the most magnificent creatives, artists, writers, and inventors that you can think of had to show up day after day. Even the ones where it seems like their gifts are so innate and extraordinary – they still keep working on their craft daily. They are still showing up, living into the question and embodying what they are being called to embody. After all, we are souls having a human experience, so grounded action in repetition is just as important as connecting into the call of your soul. It is how you move along the thread of your life to your destiny.

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