The Great Mother

 Surrender to the mystery. Fall into Her arms.


The Great Mother ushered you in when you took your first breath and she’ll be there when you draw your last. She knows how challenging life on Earth can be. That at times, being human can be painful, lonely, and confusing. That the polarity and separation can be difficult when your soul remembers the oneness of Source. But at the same time, it can be incredibly glorious and sweet.

We often see things as either good or bad: when things go well, we make it mean that everything’s okay, and when things don’t work out, then perhaps we’ve done something wrong or have something to fix. We’ve forgotten that life on Earth isn’t like that. Polarity is at the core of the Earth experience. And it’s through the polar extremes that we grow the most. We’re not meant to avoid the night, the shadow, and the winter.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This life is but a single breath in the inextinguishable existence of your experience as a soul. Hand over your worries, hurt, sorrow, fears, and doubts to the Great Mother. Lay them on Her altar. Return to the sureness of the soil. Fall fully into Her arms. Surrender to the mystery woven through it all.

Remember that while these extremes are difficult, they can also be magnificent. That unrestrained joy is closer to grief than we think. And perhaps, the more wildly the pendulum of your life swings, the more you can say: ‘I have truly lived.’

Rose Transmission:

I’m ready to embrace the extremes of my life. I lay all that I’m carrying onto the altar and fall into the Great Mother’s arms.

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