Trust the Seasons

Embracing change. Cycles of life. Transition. Growth.

Embracing change. Cycles of life. Transition. Growth.

Our disconnection from the Earth and Her seasons leads us to believe that we should be in full bloom all year round. That we should grow, grow, grow without leaving space to cut back. When we focus on the never‐ending bloom, we forget the importance of all of life’s phases. 

The rose, like all of nature, teaches us this every day. She’s forever showing us how to embrace the ever-changing seasons in an ever-changing world.

We’re not meant to stay the same. Relationships aren’t meant to stay the same. Life isn’t meant to stay the same. Nothing on this planet is meant to stay the same. The seasons teach us that. Night and day teach us that. Time and age teach us that. Birth and death teach us that. We may return to a place, a person, but things won’t be exactly as they were, for everything and everyone is forever changing. Nothing is static. 


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

The more we try to control things and keep them the same, the further away from the flow of Life and ourselves we get. Change can be scary for it means surrendering to the unknown of being in the in between. To being not who you were and not quite who you’ll become. It requires a trust in the transformation. In the death in order for the rebirth to occur. And a deep reverence for all the seasons of our life.

The more we resist change, the further away we are from who we’re becoming. When we embrace change, we embrace Life and nature and are forever becoming.

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