The Rose of Venus

 the rose if venus

Alignment. Flow. Right relationship. Harmony.

The Fibonacci series, and the golden ratio on which it’s based, is a number sequence in which each number is the sum of the preceding two numbers. A rose’s petals hold the golden ratio, with each new set of petals growing in the spaces of the previous set. Perhaps this is why we feel changed by gazing into the spiral of a rose.

The original rose looked very different to those we grow today. It possessed five petals and, interestingly, if we track the movements made by the planet Venus as she orbits the Sun, over a period of eight years, we see they create a fivefold rose pattern called the rose of Venus. Venus was the Roman Goddess of love, sex, and fertility, and her symbol was the rose. Perhaps the ancients knew more about the interconnectedness of the Universe and Life than we think.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

There’s a sacred order to all things. Nature holds the codes of Life and as you’re a part of nature, you do too. There’s an intelligent force governing all of Life. The same force that tells flowers when to bloom and the planet how to spin exists within you. Our tendency to overanalyze and overthink can get us out of alignment with nature and thus Life. Our resistance to change does this too.

This card is an invitation to look at anything that doesn’t feel in alignment. It’s a reminder to trust in the tapestry of your life, your ever‐changing nature, and to be dedicated to living a life that’s deeply aligned.

Soul Inquiry:

What’s no longer in alignment with who you’re being called to be?  

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