the rose oracle

Unlock the sacred mysteries of the rose


Unlock the sacred mysteries of The Rose

This activating, stunning, deep rooted oracle opens the doorway to the physical and mystical teachings of The Rose.

It creates space for you to connect with Her energy, wisdom and breathtaking beauty. The cards are steeped in mystery and the guidebook holds a depth of mystical teachings and research that is rarely seen in oracle decks.

May Her healing mysteries call you home to your own true nature and connect you to the wisdom within.

The rose is a sacred symbol of Goddesses of old
and She holds potent medicine for these times.

Have you heard Her call?

Discover the healing mysteries of The Rose

I was guided to create this oracle to help lift the veil of the ancient rose mysteries and reconnect you with the sacred energy of The Rose, who I believe is a potent healer for these times. The Rose first came to me in a way that I consciously understood in 2010 and I have been working with Her physically, creatively and spiritually ever since.

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Connect with the healing energy of The Rose,
return to your ever-unfolding true nature,
be in tune with the changing seasons of your life,
and hear the voice within.

Have you heard the call of The Rose?

The Rose has been a teacher for me in a way that I was conscious of since 2010. I believe that The Rose is a secret symbol for the ancient Mother or Goddess and that She is beginning to reveal to us secrets of ancient times past. I created this oracle to support you in connecting to the ancient wisdom of this sacred, healing, mystical plant.


May we find the courage to walk the
ever‐unfolding way of the rose.

May we reach our roots all the way back
in order to bloom sustainably.

May we open our heart, front and back.
May we soften our bodies and our minds.

May we heal, may we heal, may we heal.
May we return to ourselves, the Earth, and each other.

May we remember the future
rose gardens seeded within.

May we fall wholly and completely back into Her arms.

And when the time comes, and we will know
when, may we throw our petals to the wind
for the chance to do it all over again.


Learn more about rose work at the Mysteries of the Rose workshop.


About the Creators

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is a writer, poet, mystic, artist, ritualist, and mother. Her creations are dedicated to weaving the soul back into everyday life. A channel, Rebecca has been consciously working with the rose and other plants since 2010.

Born in Australia, Rebecca now lives in Glastonbury, UK. Fascinated by the great mysteries, Rebecca answered an inner call to the sacred sites of her ancestry at 18 and has had several initiatory awakening experiences since. Prior to sharing her visions through her oracles and books, Rebecca was an award-winning creative director.


Katie is an intuitive spiritual artist whose visions of the cosmos celebrate all that’s pure and beautiful in the universe. She draws inspiration from all that surrounds us daily.

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May the healing mysteries of Mother Rose
help you remember the future rose gardens seeded within you.


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