The Bloom

the bloom the rose oracle

Creations realized. Right time. Harvest. Celebrate.  

This card is all about reaping the reward for what you’ve created. Dreams manifested into matter. It’s a confirmation that you’re currently in the bloom phase of your cycle of growth, or that you’re about to be.

The bloom is when we’re at our fullest. The Sun is shining, things are bountiful, and we’re at our most expansive. The deep roots of our dreams have been realized. We’re blooming. We’ve made it to where we longed to be. We’re likely visible and out in the world. Life is often adventurous, energetic, positive, and good.

the bloom the rose oracle

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This card comes with a message to embrace and enjoy this moment. Celebrate what you’ve created. Enjoy what has come to you. Revel in it. Bask in the beauty. Drink in the nectar. Be nourished by the sweet scent of what’s now in the physical. Enjoy the harvest. Stop and smell the roses of your life. Life is cyclical and the bloom won’t be at its fullest forever. Your work through the seasons of your life has brought you to this point.

Don’t take the bloom for granted. Enjoy it while it’s here. But don’t hold onto it for too long, either. Let it be what it is in its fullest. And when the time comes to return the petals to the earth – and you’ll know when that is – do that too.

Rose Transmission:

I let the blooming happen.

I resist the urge to hold back.

I celebrate all that I’ve created and enjoy my moment of blooming completely and fully.

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