The Crowning

the crowning

Initiation. Thresholds. Birth. Rebirth. A seat at the table.

There comes a time when the flower knows that it can no longer remain in the protective constraints of the bud. Somehow, it needs to trust in the birthing energy and surrender to the unknown of the bloom. The same birthing energy exists within all of nature and in birth, both physical and metaphorical.

It’s an initiation for the mother as well as the child, who transitions from the water world of the womb to a whole new one on Earth.

the crowning

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This is a card of crossing thresholds and walking through the gates of initiation, which requires great courage and faith. There are rolling contractions and it’s almost always not straightforward. As we transition from one thing to another we’re called to burst through the constraints of the seed and then the certainty of the bud, so that something new can bloom from within.

We’re always birthing something and deep inside we know that the only way to surrender to the initiation is to surrender to the innate power within. This power is inner, but it’s also connected with the intelligence that exists within all Life. It’s the same energy that tells flowers when to bloom and it was present when you grew in your mother’s womb. Trust in that. It will carry you through. Surrender to what’s wanting to be born through you. Life is always trying to initiate us into even more of who we truly are.

Soul Inquiry:

How is life trying to initiate you?

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