The Rose Oracle Birth Story

Rebecca Campbell Rose Studio

A few years ago right in the middle of event season, I confessed to my friend Hollie that during each of my events, as much as I tried to stay on script, all I felt like speaking about was how flowers are a gateway to the soul. Eventually, I stopped fighting it and decided to embrace it!

rebecca campbell rose

Flower Work and in particular Rose Work had been part of my personal practice, that I have bee developing since 2010.

At the beginning of 2020 I shared with my editor that I wanted to dive deep into the mystical and botanical qualities of the rose. I suggested I start with an oracle and five minutes later she emailed back YES!


Today is my the birth day of The Rose Oracle, my first co-creation with Mother Rose, which I know will be the first of many. It was illustrated by the talented Katie Louise.

Thank you to everyone who has supported The Rose Oracle already.

The Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell08

You can read more about The Rose Oracle here.

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