Rebecca Campbell The Work Your Light Oracle

Double mission: Channeling and uplifting humanity.

The Pleiadeans are a group of star beings dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet and sharing new consciousness through creations and technology. They have been incarnating on Earth since near the beginning of humanity.

You are a soul who has a double mission: To grow at soul level and to raise the vibration of the planet. If you have been called to write, speak, or channel, this is your sign to keep doing it! Your work is divinely guided. Of all of the souls, Pleiadeans are the chattiest, and so perhaps you have already started channeling some of this work into the third dimension. Thank you for doing your part in the great plan. Your presence and unique light is needed.

Work Your Light Transmission:

‘I call upon Pleiadean consciousness of the highest realms and highest good of humanity to work through me. Let me be a channel for only the purest light of the essence of Source. Let me channel in a way that also serves me.’

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