What kind of Lightworker are you?

Understanding the Essence of a Lightworker

The inner light is the soul. A Lightworker is an awake soul who has made the conscious decision to live in alignment with their soul. They know that we are all interconnected and that their presence has the potential to create a positive change.

They have made the conscious decision to devote their whole life, to following what lights them up and, by default, to lighting up the world with their presence. They understand that their actions (no matter how big or small) have the potential to create change.

What is a lightworker?

My definition of a Lightworker is: someone who wholeheartedly makes the decision to make the world a brighter place by them being in it. The more conscious we get, the higher our vibration and the more aligned to Source we become. The more conscious we are, the more we see how everything is connected and how we fit into a larger whole.

Letters to a starseed

The Balance of Light and Shadow

A Lightworker is not all about light and love, quite the contrary. Light is not possible without journeying to the depths and facing the shadow. They know that being a lightworker involves continually facing their shadow in order to transmute their wounds into gifts.

And that proper light work is not possible without doing so. This is what it means to WORK your light, which lightworkers are committed to doing. It is a way of living, not a one time thing.

The Diverse Roles of Lightworkers

Breaking Stereotypes

Lightworkers are not just tie-dye wearing hippies and healers. Far from it. They are teachers and chefs, writers and singers, producers and cleaners, mothers and mediums. They’re at the sports club and the nightclub, in the café and crèche, the boardroom and the art room.

Answering the Call of Source

A Lightworker is someone who makes a conscious decision to endeavour to answer the call of Source over the call of the fear.

Lightworkers are in tune with the callings of their soul and act on its whispers regardless of fear. They commit to living a courageous life.

Through my soul readings and mentoring, I have discovered that most Lightworkers fit into two categories: Newly Awakened Lightworkers and Old School/Retro Lightworkers. I wrote about this in my first book, Light Is the New Black.

The Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Are you feeling a deeper connection to your inner light? It might be a sign that you are on the path of spiritual awakening, a journey that many lightworkers find themselves embarking upon.

  • Heightened Empathy: You might find yourself more tuned into the feelings and energies of others, experiencing a deeper sense of understanding and compassion. This heightened empathy often leads to a desire to help others and to make the world a better place, which is a core aspect of being a lightworker.
  • Synchronicities: Another sign is experiencing synchronicities, those magical moments where everything seems to align perfectly, guiding you towards your spiritual calling.
  • Renewed Sense of Purpose: As you walk this path, you might also find a renewed sense of purpose, a feeling that you are here for a reason and that you have a unique role to play in this lifetime. This is your spiritual calling beckoning, urging you to step into your light and embrace your true self.

As we delve deeper into the journey of a lightworker, it is essential to understand how to navigate the challenges that might arise, including encountering dark energy.

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Overcoming Dark Energy

In the journey of spiritual awakening, it is not uncommon to encounter dark energy. But what exactly is dark energy, and how can you protect yourself?

  • Understanding Dark Energy: Dark energy can be thought of as lower vibrational energy that can potentially hinder your spiritual growth. It might manifest as negative thoughts, self-doubt, or even encounters with individuals who drain your positive energy.
  • Grounding Yourself: To navigate through dark energy, it is vital to ground yourself regularly. Grounding can be achieved through various practices such as meditation, spending time in nature, or engaging in activities that bring you joy and foster positive energy.
  • Protection Techniques: Protection is another crucial aspect. Visualising a shield of light around you can be a powerful way to protect yourself from dark energy. Regular cleansing of your energy field, perhaps through practices such as sage smudging or working with crystals, can also be beneficial.

As we move forward, it becomes essential to identify your specific path as a lightworker, understanding whether you are a newly awakened individual or someone who has been on this path for lifetimes. Let’s delve deeper into this in the next section, helping you to identify your lightworker path.

Identifying Your Lightworker Path

Are you experiencing a sudden surge of awareness, a feeling like you’ve been awakened from a deep slumber? You might be a newly awakened lightworker, stepping freshly onto this path of spiritual enlightenment.

Newly Awakened Lightworkers

Newly Awakened Lightworkers tend to have a significant awakening experience spurred on by a life event. Once awakened, it is hard for them to go back to sleep, and they feel that things can never be the same. Their consciousness has shifted and they may decide to answer the call to be of service.

Newly awakened Lightworkers seem to be able to jump right in and make big life changes in response to answering the newly awakened call within them. This can take the form of altering your career path to one that aligns more with your soul’s purpose, or seeking out communities where you can connect with others on a similar path.

It’s a time of transformation, of shedding the old to make way for the new.

Old School or Retro Lightworkers

Old School/Retro Lightworkers come in knowing. They have been doing this work for lifetimes and as a result may find that they have considerable fear around stepping forward (due to a soul memory of persecution). They are likely to have always had a knowing that they were here for a reason and that there was work to do, and a feeling that time is running out.

It’s common for this type of Lightworker to erect a spiritual closet from a young age, and as a result, revealing to the world who they really are is a scary process for them. While some Lightworkers alive right now incarnated with a conscious mission to be of service (and have been doing so for lifetimes), there are countless souls awakening to the call to be of service.

Anyone who chooses to devote their lives to being a bright light in the world IS a Lightworker. There are no snobby spiritual tests to pass or assignments to hand in. The only requirement is a desire to connect with your own authentic light and a longing to serve the world. I call it working your light.

The Journey of Working Your Light

Just by reading this you are working your light. By following what you love, you are working your light.  By choosing a higher thought when you find yourself in a bad mood, you are working your light. By encouraging someone instead of criticizing them you are working your light. By sharing your unique gifts you are working your light.

By connecting to the unlimited supply of love in The Universe, you are working your light. By being true to yourself, you are working your light. By being kind and compassionate, you are working your light.

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Moving through Self-Discovery and Acceptance

Are you wondering how to embrace your true self fully? It begins with a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. As a lightworker, it is essential to delve deep into your inner world, exploring your desires, fears, and the unique gifts that you bring to this world.

During this journey, you might find yourself drawn to different spiritual practices, perhaps exploring meditation, yoga, or diving into spiritual literature to understand your path better. It is a time of nurturing your inner light, allowing it to grow and expand, guiding you towards your true calling.

Develop Your Unique Gifts

What unique gifts do you bring to this world? As a lightworker, you have unique gifts that wait to be discovered and nurtured. It might be a healing touch, a gift for empathic understanding, or a talent for artistic expression.

Developing your unique gifts is a vital part of your lightworker path. It involves exploring different avenues, perhaps through courses, workshops, or self-study, to hone your skills and abilities. You may find resources and guidance to help you on this path in the lightworker category of our blog.

See the Interconnectedness of All

As you become more conscious, do you notice a change in your perception? The more conscious we are, the more we see how everything is connected and how we fit into a larger whole. It’s about recognising the interconnectedness of all things and understanding your role in the grand scheme of things.

Nurture Your Inner Light

How can you nurture your inner light daily? It might involve meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature. These practices help you to connect with your inner self, nurturing the light within and allowing it to shine brightly.

Build a Supportive Community

How can you find like-minded individuals on a similar path? Building a supportive community is a vital step in your lightworker journey. Connecting with others who share your vision and understanding can provide a safe space to share experiences, learn from each other, and grow together.

You might find solace in online communities or local groups where you can connect with others who are also responding to a spiritual calling. Remember, you are not alone on this path, and building a community can provide the support and encouragement you need as you walk this path.

As we move forward on this enlightening journey, it is time to explore the practical ways you can work your light in everyday life, fostering positive energy and making a tangible difference in the world. Let’s delve deeper into this in the next section.

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Challenges and Rewards on the Lightworker’s Path

The Challenges of Elevated Consciousness

As you embark on this path of heightened awareness, you may find yourself becoming more sensitive to the energies around you. Many Lightworkers may find that as they raise their consciousness, they become more energetically sensitive, picking up other people’s feelings, energy and thoughts.

You may notice that you find it hard to watch the news or violent films. You may also find that old relationships that were built on manipulation, control and fear are starting to drop away as you are no longer an energetic match to them.

The Rewards of Letting Go

Letting go of relationships and habits that no longer serve you can be seen as a reward in itself. It is a cleansing process, a release of the old to make space for the new, more aligned connections and positive experiences to enter your life. It’s a journey towards authenticity, where you attract relationships and opportunities that resonate with your true self.

Leading the Way in Global Awakening

For some time now, we have been living in a largely unconscious state. In order for Mother Earth to survive we need a global awakening. This awakening has already begun and I believe that you are one of the souls who chose to lead the planet this way.

But there is hope, as this awakening has already begun, and you are one of the souls that can lead the way. It’s a path of courage, stepping forward to be a beacon of light in a world that is slowly waking up to a higher state of collective consciousness again.

The Joy of Serving a Higher Purpose

Being a part of this global awakening is a reward in itself. It’s about serving a higher purpose, being connected to a mission that is much larger than yourself. It brings a sense of fulfillment and joy, knowing that you are contributing to a movement that seeks to bring healing, love, and light to the world.

The Role of Community in the Awakening Process

As you step forward to lead in this time of awakening, remember that you are not alone. There is a community of lightworkers, a collective of souls working towards the same goal. Connecting with others on the same path can provide support, understanding, and a sense of belonging. It’s about building a network of light, a community that uplifts each other and works together to bring positive change to the world.

As we come to the end of this exploration of the lightworker’s path, it is clear that it is a journey filled with both challenges and rewards, a path of self-awareness, deep personal growth and service to the higher good. For many on the path to embracing their conscious mission, consider learning more about the Sanctuary membership.

Embrace Your Own Authentic Light

So what kind of Lightworker are you? Are you a newly awakened Lightworker who has answered the call to be of service and ready to step up? Or are you an old school retro Lightworker who came in knowing and maybe has spent a bit of time hanging out in a spiritual closet? 

If you resonate with being a Lightworker and want guidance on embracing your soul gifts and answering your calling, check out my first book, Light Is the New Black and my oracle deck, the Work Your Light Oracle.

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