What kind of Lightworker are you?

A Lightworker is anyone who devotes their life to being a bright light in the world. They understand that their actions (no matter how big or small) have the potential to raise the vibration of the planet. A Lightworker soul is awake, conscious that their presence matters and that they are part of something that is bigger than them.

Lightworkers are not just tie-dye wearing hippies and healers with dreads. Far from it. They are teachers and chefs, writers and singers, producers and cleaners, mothers and mediums. They’re at the country club and the nightclub, in the cafe and crèche, the boardroom and the art room.

A Lightworker is someone who makes a conscious decision to endeavour to answer the call of Source (light) over the call of the ego (fear).

There are two types of energy on this planet. Light and dark. Light energy is unlimited and comes from Source. It’s high vibrational, expansive and full of love. Dark energy is much more dense. It’s the manipulation, power struggle and fear. It sees us all as separate, rather than connected spiritual beings. It goes against the flow of The Universe.

Lightworkers turn their light on by following what lights them up and then effortlessly sharing that light with the world around them. They are in tune with the callings of their soul and act on its whispers regardless of fear. They do not need to convince anyone of anything, rather just be the light.

Through my soul readings and Work Your Light Mentoring I have discovered that most Lightworkers fit into two categories: Newly Awakened Lightworkers and Retro Lightworkers.

Newly Awakened Lightworkers tend to have a significant awakening experience spurred on by a life event. Once awakened it is hard to go back to sleep and there is a feeling that things can never be the same. Their consciousness has shifted and they may decide to answer the call to be of service. Newly awakened Lightworkers seem to be able to jump right in and make big life changes in response to answering the newly awakened call within them.

Retro Lightworkers come in knowing. They have been doing this work for lifetimes and as a result may find that they have considerable fear around stepping forward (due to a soul memory of persecution). They are likely to have always had a knowing that they were here for a reason, that there was work to do and a feeling that time is running out. Erecting a spiritual closet from a young age is common for this type of Lightworker and as a result, revealing to the world who they really are is a scary process for them.

While some Lightworkers alive right now incarnated with a conscious mission to be of service (and have been doing so for lifetimes), there are countless souls awakening to the call to be of service. Anyone who chooses to devote their lives to being a bright light in the world IS a Lightworker. There are no snobby spiritual tests to pass or assignments to hand in. The only requirement is a desire to connect with your own authentic light and a longing to serve their world. I call it working your light.

Just by reading this you are working your light. By following what you love, you are working your light. By choosing a higher thought when you find yourself in a bad mood, you are working your light. By encouraging someone instead of criticizing them you are working your light. By sharing your unique gifts you are working your light. By connecting to the unlimited supply of love in The Universe, you are working your light. By being true to yourself, you are working your light. By being kind and compassionate, you are working your light.

My definition of a Lightworker is: someone who wholeheartedly makes the decision to make the world a brighter place by them being in it. The more conscious we get, the higher our vibration and the more aligned to Source we become. The more conscious we are, the more we see how everything is connected and how we fit into a larger whole.

Many Lightworkers may find that as they raise their consciousness, they become more energetically sensitive, picking up other people’s feelings, energy and thoughts. You may find that you find it hard to watch the news or violent films. You may also find that old relationships that are built on manipulation, control and fear are starting to drop away as you are no longer an energetic match to them.

For some time now, we have been living in a largely unconscious state. In order for Mother Earth to survive we need a global awakening. This is awakening has already begun and I believe that you are one of souls who chose to lead the way.

So what kind of Lightworker are you? Are you newly awakened Lightworker who has answered the call to be of service and ready to step up? Or are you an old school retro Lightworker who came in knowing and maybe has spent a bit of time hanging out in a spiritual closet? Let me know in the comments below:

  • I think this video changed my life 🙂 Thank you for defining what a “Lightworker” is! I never thought of it this way. I am a definite “Retro Lightworker”, as you know. You helped me put words to something that I haven’t been able to define until now. You see … I always knew the kind of people I wanted to serve in my business: people who want to do what they love and what they are passionate about for a living. BUT I was never able to put it into words in a way that felt ‘just right’. Through watching this video, I realized that it’s more than what they love and are passionate for – it’s about the CALLING! That they know that what they LOVE and what they are PASSIONATE about is their calling! Mmmmmm goosebumps! Thank you for this 🙂

  • Joanne

    55yr old RETRO & thanks to you, Rebecca, I’m now giving myself permission to stop searching for ‘that job’ & just be whilst shining bright & loud!

  • Glen SuperDoc miller

    Thank you… retro here and my closet was built of stone so hard to come out bit I do from time to time mostly random acts. Someday I hope to be myself all the time

  • Jennifer Kearns

    I would say I am newly awakened. From the moment I was born I felt like I was sent to the wrong place..funny but true. I could never understand life, and I found myself constantly lost in my thoughts and uncomfortable in big groups and gatherings. Big groups or big places in a sense really overwhelmed me, and I did not understand it. I grew up in a very catholic household and attended 16 years of catholic schooling. I never felt comfortable in the beliefs I was told/taught to believe and have faith in. It felt too dooming and restrictive to me. As I grew old my inner most self was raging with confusing thoughts about life and what was real or made up bs. I was lucky to have some very profound obstacles placed in my life that forced me to go deep within and discover who I was. I went through stages of anger, resentment, confusion, hate, self destruction, humility, forgiveness, understanding and now I feel as though I am in a state of awareness. Things are not always necessarily easier or clearer, however I now trust life to bring me what I need and guide me, and at last I am okay with who I am and where I have been and where I am going. The unknown is okay with me, I feel a strong presence around me, guiding me, loving me, protecting me. Thanks for your post! I just wrote a mini book, but wow that came so clearly and easily to me. Love and light! JK

  • Jennifer Kearns

    funny you said searching for that job! I feel like I have been pressuring myself the last 15 years to find that job! Now I am studying real estate and I feel like all my energy is being sucked out of me. I don’t know what to do at times….so I just keep studying.

  • Gabby Sparkle

    I am very much a retro, when I was a child I would get in trouble from my fundamentalist Christian parents for saying I was THE Goddess Diana and that I could heal people like Jesus…….I spent most of my childhood firmly believing that and then when I was a teenager “reality” set in and I have had a plethora of mental health issues as a result………..I have always know I was different, that the impact I had on the people around me was positive, that the trail of people who claimed I changed their life is consistent, but it wasn’t until recently that I connected things, that the healing that I knew I was capable of when I was a child wasn’t curing cancer, it was healing people’s hearts, and that I truly am Divine………..now if only it was a simple thing to overcome the mental illness as a result of all those walls……

  • Lucy Langley

    I began my journey into light working when I was young. I would often be drawn to sick and stray animals. I would also have vivid dreams that would come true at times I would consult psychics about my dreams http://www.signalriver.com/oranum-review/ . I was confused for a long time until this lady employed me and she was a psychic. I worked as a writer for her and discovered what light workers are.

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  • Tara Hayden

    I became intuned as you can say, to everything and everyone, and it got stronger after my brain surgery 5 years ago but I had no idea what it was and I have short term memory loss. Sometimes I will go into a trance and say something to someone to fix what their problem is, and it’s usually medical. I have said to to the man upstairs “I am your vessel guide me” meaning guide me to whoever needs help. I have woken up saying just one words and gone back to sleep. I could go on and on… all I know is I am yearning for info and ppl like me. 🙏 tt

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  • Bryan Jarrett

    I am a retro lightworker. Always had trouble fitting in with everybody around me even my own family and friends. Didn’t really become fully awakened til a long painful quest that’s still going on led me here. I always say now that the universe talks to everybody but it talks more to those who listen. Hope to meet more light workers in my future endeavors.

  • Damian Sambrotta

    Same, had some horrible experiences aprox 2 years ago. My days were a full time torture. I had only 15 when this happened. Those experiences were the good whitin the bad, I had my angels protecting me all the time and I had various mystical experiences and epiphanies like a ray of cosmic knowledge into my head. Luckily, at the end of 2016 I resolved various several problems of mine just expressing my feelings and thoughts that I had and didn’t spoke of, until I went forced to talk about them. Now, whit 17, I’m making my own music as a form of expressing myself to the world and finding my way, because honestly I feel a little lost with my musical identity. Hope someday I’ll get to know another lightworker, and, if they exist, I’d like to know my soul mate, because I’m a little lonely and I need somebody that really understands me hahahahha. Salutes from Argentina

  • Cinique Scott

    I think Retro. I always new I was meant for great things. I have accomplished so much in my lifetime. My interests are different than most. My conversations are deep and meaningful when I get the urge to speak and divulge my heart. My words are calculated and sharp, piercing the heart of unsuspecting souls, sometimes forcing them to weep and divulge things they normally wouldn’t. A truly amazing experience. Believe it or not I can sometimes even read people’s minds and feelings, which astonishes me at times. My writings are always motivational, see for yourself and you tell me: Ciniques.com – i have always had a sensational desire to learn and try new things. I fear nothing but my creator, not even death. Am I a light worker, Empath or just plain weird, you tell me.

  • Troy Westby

    I finish my accenssion. I was giving 999. Now here and there i give a few letcher. But it look like the univers wants me to quit my job. I been getting 99 only. Can u email me at moe.money323@gmail.com

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  • Munzer Morrar

    Light worker empath indigo. Always known I been different. Always feeling the energies of people around me. Touching someone I immediately get a picture of the person being trustworthy or a liar, instantly after touching them. Vibes to say the least. Anyway. Healer. I can touch and absorb your troubles ailments, then I get physically sick. Or neck pain. Or headache. I see your issues or concerns like if they mine.

  • Cryptonymous Cryptonym

    My D.O.B is 02/09/74 Google:74-Aquari 1974 is my birth year.By this being the Age of Aquarius.74-Aquari is the FLAMESEED Destination.I am the 9Th FLAMESEED High Frequency Lightworker…..

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  • medifix

    I may be a light-worker because I devoted my life to being back the lost human face of medicine and help reduce social in-equaities in health. People with dark energy, evil and self interested living creatures are more dense. They lie, manipulate evidence to stay in control and rule but are living in fear. They seem to think they are separate, rather than connected spiritual beings and so have no feeling.

    They do not understand that their actions has damaged the universe and do know they do not have the potential to raise the vibration of the planet and bring in changes. crumbling economy, un-employment, illness, threat of war, victimisation of people who are honest and criminalisation of rebels who fight for justice.

    My soul is awake, conscious and felt my presence matters and I have a greater part of something special that is bigger than us. I am not just tie-dye wearing hippies but a healer with the power to wake up dead people. The leaders of church said I play GOD and the nurses said I create miracles.

    I have been teachers, inventor, creator, author and and a doctors. My contributions were created not because I wanted bu tI think I was made to. The time has come when I loose patience cause I cannot pup with isolation because and suffer just because my intuition or vision. was to help make life better for every human on earth.


    Please visit my website 7buds.com, download my apps and read my books. Spread the message as my role and contribution is to protect indigos, crystals and rainbows because the bacteria will soon start attacking people who are not chosen to remain on this earth. Any person who spend more time with infected individual will get infected and die. I have Integrated my Innovation, to help Initially Identify Infected Individual and Isolate them to protect you..