Have you always had a longing for home, without knowing what that meant? Or a sense of knowing deep in your soul? If so, you may be a Starseed Soul.

When I began training in the intuitive arts and was drawn to the Akashic Records I learnt how to access information on behalf of others and began doing soul readings for them. Through the years I deepened my studies and began seeing similar traits of certain soul types. What I learned was, there were two different types of souls – Earth Souls and Starseed Souls.

Earth Souls are those who incarnate on Earth over and over again. Starseed Souls are souls who first incarnated somewhere beyond this planet.

Some Starseeds feel misplaced in the world. Many have a sort of ‘knowing’ from a young age and possess a longing for home without really knowing where ‘home’ is. This is due to the fact that they have incarnated in places different from Earth. If hearing this strikes a chord in your heart or makes you feel emotional, it’s likely you are a Starseed Soul. 

Once awake, most Starseed souls find it hard to have meaningless conversations, jobs, and relationships. They innately know that there is much more to life and remain restless until they step into their calling, which is to light up the world with their unique presence. 

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