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Council of Light Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle

Divine orchestration. Helpers in the subtle realms.

The Council of Light is a team of benevolent beings who are here to assist the raising of consciousness of the planet. They are here to help you achieve your soul mission, and are guiding you every step of the way. However, because we live in a world where freewill reigns, they cannot help you without your permission. If you would like their assistance, it is time to ask them.

They can help with all kinds of requests – nothing is too big or too small. Think of them as your personal team of helpers in the spirit realm. They are willing and ready to step in and get to work; what would you like help with? What tasks would you like to delegate to them?

The Council of Light is a team of ascended masters, light beings, angels, and guides devoted to the rising of Earth and all humanity. If you are a Lightworker, it is from them that you receive your personal mission. Like a spirit world United Nations, they want to thank you so much for doing this work and devoting your life to uplifting the planet.

Pray to them for clarity and guidance regarding your personal mission. Put in your requests and let them get to work.

Work Your Light Activation:

Hold the card on your heart and say: ‘Council of Light, I am ready to receive your help for fulfilling my personal Dharmic mission. Thank you for guiding me with clarity every step of the way and for sending me helpers and experiences that delight my mind, body, and soul.’

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The Council of Light—a gathering of celestial love and wisdom, but have you ever wondered who exactly graces this divine assembly? Let’s illuminate the mystery.

Think of them as radiant Light Beings, cosmic entities filled with love and guidance, committed to elevating the planet’s consciousness. Yes, these are your Light Members, always on call, ever ready to support your soul’s mission.

Take a moment to acknowledge the Ascended Masters, the Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit. These profound presences shepherd the Council, acting as guardians of eternal wisdom and celestial love.


Perceive the Council of Light as an Intergalactic Group. Beyond Earth, they stretch their sphere of influence, bringing harmony and spiritual alignment across galaxies.

There you have it. A closer look at the Council of Light opens new dimensions of understanding, deepening your connection with these divine helpers.


The Council of Light serves as the grand conductors of a Divine Orchestra, harmonizing the energies of the universe to guide you on your path. Their role in divine orchestration is much like a symphony, every move meticulously planned, yet flowing with the grace of the divine.

Through divine transmissions, they send celestial whispers straight to your soul. These messages come as signs, intuitive feelings, or even vivid dreams—sacred communications designed to guide you toward your higher purpose.


With a love that’s as boundless as the sky, the Council supports your alignment with Universe’s greater plans. They provide cosmic nudges, bringing you closer to your soul mission and orchestrating events and opportunities that help you unfold your divine potential.

Their wisdom, steeped in a love that transcends earthly limitations, helps you align with a purpose far surpassing your individual self. In the hallowed ambiance of this cosmic assembly, the Council’s teachings reveal deep truths that vibrate in harmony with your core essence.

These teachings are intricate compositions of light and ethereal energy, converging to impart a universal truth: to reach the zenith of your spiritual ascent and accomplish your soul’s deepest intentions, a connection to something far grander is essential.


When you hold this card close, you’re not just holding a piece of paper; you’re holding a beacon of light that resonates with the heavenly realms.

This card isn’t just about a moment of enlightenment; it’s a key to unlocking your soul’s deepest desires and your soul’s purpose. When you activate this card, you are essentially asking the Council of Light to guide you in fulfilling your divine mission. It’s not random; it’s orchestrated divinely for you.

This card from “Work Your Light” Oracle Deck offers you practical tools for advanced spiritual work. Think of it as your spiritual Swiss Army knife. Whether you need clarity, courage, or a nudge in the right direction, this card can be the catalyst for it.

Use my Council of Light Activation + Soul Contracts Journey meditation to embody the full depth of the wisdom this card provides.


This card is far more than a cognitive tool; it resonates with the vibrational energy of your natural inner state. As it vibrates, it acts as a celestial tuning fork, aligning your frequency with the Council of Light, the spirit world’s equivalent to the United Nations. In doing so, it ushers you into a lifestyle that is genuine and in harmony with your divine essence.

The Council’s teachings reveal a roadmap to opulent bliss and well-being. These teachings come from a luminous team of ascended masters, light beings, angels, and guides who are collectively devoted to the rising of Earth and all humanity. 

When you engage with the card, you’re not merely inviting joy into the present moment; you are actually cultivating a life that resonates with your highest purpose and calling.

As Lightworkers, it is from the Council that we receive our sacred missions. These personal missions are imprinted on our souls and reflect a greater celestial plan. The Council is deeply grateful for all who dedicate themselves to uplifting planetary vibrations, and this card is a direct channel to their wisdom and guidance.

So, whether you are aiming to deepen your spiritual understanding or are stepping onto this sacred path for the first time, the card serves as your connection to the Council’s timeless wisdom, guiding you toward a life of true authenticity and spiritual fulfillment.



Guided journeys and the wisdom they hold can be your guiding light in the twists and turns of your daily lives. Think of it as spiritual GPS, always there to offer a direction when you reach a crossroad.

Each day presents its own challenges, from making sense of complex emotions to navigating relationships and careers. The wisdom gained from your daily engagement with the Council of Light is a wellspring of inspiration and clarity for all facets of life.


Have you ever considered the profound impact of words and names? The Name of Jesus, for instance, is not merely a sequence of letters but a frequency laden with transformative energy.

Speaking it invokes a space of divine presence, surrounding you with a halo of love, strength, and serenity. Just as you would chant a mantra, the Power of the Word elevates you, creating a ripple of spiritual influence that transcends time and space.


Love for the divine manifests not only as an internal emotion but as an external force that can alter the world today. When your heart is full, that love cascades, reaching Divine Supporters and like-minded souls.

Think of it as a celestial network that extends its hands not only to you but through you, making the fabric of our earthly life a touch more divine.


As we close this sacred conversation about the Council of Light, let’s take a moment to focus on what truly unites us all: peace, hope, and finding a sacred space.

These pillars stand tall, holding up the celestial dome above us. They remind us that we are all connected, all part of the great design. For those curious to go deeper into the realms of spiritual communities, you might find solace and understanding in exploring what a Starseed is.

The great conductors of the Council of Light serves as the thread that weaves us all together, bridging gaps and healing rifts from the everyday to the extraordinary. Your life, my life, and the life of the planet are part of this grand composition.

For additional insights into this concept, dive into the Letters to a Starseed book, and perhaps even bring The Starseed Oracle Cards into your spiritual practice.

If you are moved to work further with these powerful energies, perhaps as a Lightworker, the resources are plentiful. From articles discussing empathic starseeds to the books and Oracle cards available in the shop, to an entire category dedicated to Lightworkers, there are numerous paths for you to walk upon, each offering its own form of enlightenment and understanding.

Thank you for joining me in this divine discourse. Go forward, dear souls, illuminate and enrich the world with your unique light.


What is the Council’s Relationship with Other Spiritual Entities?

This is an intriguing question that many have pondered. The Council of Light operates harmoniously with other spiritual entities and guides, each with a unique role in the cosmic tapestry. While the Council specializes in elevating human consciousness and planetary ascension, other spiritual entities may focus on individual growth, healing, or earthly concerns. It’s like a celestial network where all are in synergy for the highest good.

How Can I Connect with the Council of Light Outside of Using the Card?

For those who wish to go beyond the wisdom provided by this card, rest assured that the Council of Light is always accessible. Meditative practices, journaling, and even focused intention-setting are some ways to establish a connection. The Council is ever-present, awaiting your call to assist you in your spiritual journey.

What Kind of “Advanced Spiritual Work” Does the Council Facilitate?

This question penetrates the deeper layers of what the Council is capable of. They offer advanced guidance on many levels, from unraveling the mysteries of your past lives to providing insight into your divine mission. For those who are ready to level up in their spiritual journey, the Council offers advanced teachings, sometimes through symbols, dreams, or intuitive hits, that can propel you into new dimensions of understanding.

Feel free to seek out more, explore deeper, and question further. Your journey with the Council of Light is as expansive as the cosmos themselves.

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