Two new books coming

rise sister rise you got the love

This March while I was in Glastonbury laying in the Chalice Well Gardens I prayed to the divine mother for what creations were ready to flow through and rise in me. The answer I received was very clear: two books and they should be written at the same time. I received the titles in full (I always start with the whisper of a headline)

After a busy summer birthing Light Is The New Black I returned to Glastonbury quite exhausted and energetically depleted. I knew that the pace I had been traveling in could not continue. I knew that I needed to look at the way I spend my time. I became acutely aware of how much the creative process of writing enriches me and lights me up and my pattern of saying yes to everything stands in the way of doing the depth of creative work I came here to do. I vowed to rearrange my schedule, say no more, make nature and writing a huge part of my every day.

And while cradled in the gardens I began letting the book ideas whisper in unison, gently forming themselves into two very different book outlines. And today I’m delighted to report that I have signed a two book contract with my publisher Hay House. ‘Rise Sister Rise’ will be out October 2016 and ‘You Got The Love’ will be out in 2017 (date TBC).

Below are not the final covers, but they give a good idea to the energy of each of the books!

rise sister rise you got the love

Today was my first day in getting stuck in. I’m not the most linear of people and so my creative process looks a bit crazy outside looking in. By the time my fiancé joins me in Sydney I’m sure the flat we are staying in will end up looking like an explosion of fucia post it notes. And even though I don’t have the normality of being in my space in London, I’m looking forward to the many messages the Australian bush, sand and swollen moonlit tides have for me and I can’t wait to share them with you too.