Returning to Avalon

The tor, Avalon

For some time now I have been feeling pangs deep within my heart to retreat, slow down and stop. To make a personal pilgrimage.

While my spiritual practice is non-negotiable, with the launch of my book and all that goes with it I have been running on empty. Not doing enough to ensure my inner well is full, bubbling, overfilling. With every passing day I could feel a heaviness building in the tender most parts of my heart as I drew on my masculine reserves of “soldiering on” for another day, week, month….

Looking at my diary, time off seemed impossible for months on end. I prayed on it and the answer was loud and clear: clear your diary and go fill up your well in Avalon (Glastonbury).

It didn’t make logical sense. But knowing that intuition never does, I finally surrendered and 15 minutes later space was created in my diary, a bus ticket bought and the “blue angel room” booked at my favourite B & B overlooking the Chalice Well Gardens.

rebecca campbell

I spent the whole first day lying in the gardens with the sole intention of filling up my well. A whole day of praying, drinking the healing waters, eating great organic food, writing and reading amongst the flowers. I felt held and my spirit was happier than it had been in a long time! I make a pact to incorporate this nothingness into my daily life ESPECIALLY when I’m busy and to incorporate writing time even when I am in lauch mode, because nature and writing are what light me up.


REWIND: Two days before I left for Glastonbury I met a new friend (Madeline Giles). Jayne Goldheart instigated the meeting because “you both HAVE to meet” which was concurred by my friend Lou Androlia. I then discover that she is going to be in Glastonbury at the same time for a sacred site tour. Excited by the serendipity of it we make plans to meet for tea in the gardens (all of my favourite meetings happen in rose gardens, like my first date with Lou in Regent’s Park Rose Gardens).

Rebecca Campbell and Madeline Giles

While I was sitting in the Chalice Well Gardens I couldn’t shake the feeling that perhaps I was meant to be on that sacred tour too. My mind pipes in and says that it doesn’t make sense as I am here to rejuvenate and besides, I’ve seen all the sacred sites of Glastonbury already. Intuition keeps strongly niggling so I say under my breath:

“Alright Universe if I am meant to go I need you to organize it and organize it quick” (I didn’t want to spend time googling etc as I was meant to be chilling out and organizing travel stresses me out!)

I went back to my room at the B & B, put on my favourite mantras and started writing. 30 mins later I hear a knock on the door. I open it to find Danielle, a friendly American woman in her 30’s saying:

“I’m so sorry to bother you, I’m staying in the room next door to you and I heard your mantras playing and at the risk of sounding really random, I just have to ask, are you going on the Sacred Tour with Guru Jagat starting tomorrow by any chance?”.

I burst out laughing and relayed my conversation with The Universe just 30 mins earlier. Convinced that I was meant to join them she punched out a text while standing in my doorway and 30 seconds later I am on the phone with one of the organisers. My breath is taken away again as I discover that the tour is going to Nectan’s Glen and Merlin’s Cave in Cornwall (which I had written on my must visit list earlier that day and was trying to work out how I could convince my fiancé to come with me).

vesica piscis

The next three days are some of the most magical of my life. Three whole days spent praying, chanting and connecting with the wisdom of the planet’s most sacred sites. Chanting as the sun rises over the Tor, laying on the St Michael and Mary laylines and sending our light to the corners of the Earth, having visions in Merlin’s Castle, connecting with the beings of light in crop circles of Wiltshire, meditating in the middle of sacred stones in Avebury, surrendering my creations to the Goddess at St Nectan’s Glen.

Sat Nam
Christ consciousness kriya at Tintagenal Castle

Merlin's Castle

In Merlin’s Castle. Check out the orb!

Tintagenal waterfall - where the Knights Templar went to be blessed by the Goddess
Crop Circle, Wiltshire

Ruby Warrington, Rebecca Campbell, Madeline Giles

Meditating at the top of the Tor where the leylines of the Earth meet. Check the blue orb on the Tor.

wings of isis

Mandatory purchase from the crystal shop:  ‘Wings of Isis’ bangle #spiritualfriendsareenablers

I return to London 8 days later rejuvenated and changed in ways I haven’t found the words to express yet. Creatively, Personally. Spiritually. Absolutely in awe at the magic that can happen when we stop pushing and say a great big YES to the whisper deep within and go along for the ride.

avalon christ consciosuness

  • Aw, thhis was an extyremely nice post. Taking the time and actual effort
    to generate a top notch article… but wbat cann I say…
    I hezitate a whole lot and never seem too get nearly anything done.

  • Sounds exactly like what you needed for yourself after the last whirlwind few months. Those beautiful pictures give me goosebumps. X

  • Oh, wow! Thank you, brave woman, for the reminder. This is the most difficult lesson I’ve ever had to learn – and still am learning. To stop in the middle of the crazy and do what needs to be done to fill the well, instead of pushing through and promising myself a break “afterwards”. When I’m done. Like that ever happens. But seriously, the courage it takes! You’re an inspiration, dear.

  • Alexandra

    I was totally transported by your joy of this pilgrimage. I know there is one in my near future and this sounds holy perfect. Thank you for honoring your divine

  • What a wonderful story to read Rebecca! I just wrote an article for a business group talking about living life that way (we’ll see how it’s received in the entrepreneurial world…). I too have felt called to Glastonbury, but have been told it will happen in divine timing. My painting Vesica Pisces features the designs from the cover of the Chalice Well. I know I’ll be in its energy one day. I loved reading your experience there. You continue to be an inspiration. I’m loving your book!

  • I love this post – thanks for sharing your journey. I can feel my soul calling to go on a pilgrimage too and this looks amazing.

    I hope you feel rejuvenated and re-aligned, lots of love x

  • Rinku

    How lovely ! You’ve inspired me to go there Rebecca .
    I listen to my intuition ALOT more now and it’s amazing how accurate and beneficial it is .
    Take care and beautiful wishes your way x

  • Stephanie

    Oh Rebecca
    What a beautiful soulful adventure.

    My heartstrings have been pulling me towards taking some time in the mountains…and I have been fighting it all summer (as we are renovating our home). Yesterday I finally said to myself “you need to just pack up and go”. This morning as I looked at my puffy dust-induced eyes I doubted once again that I should go….and then here of course is your post all about listening.
    Namaste beautiful one…thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing a behind-the-scenes look into your self-care time, Rebecca. I’ve had the inner rumblings of doing something similar this fall. You’ve inspired me to go for it, even though I’ve never done a solo retreat before. I hope mine is as magical as yours was! Beautiful pictures!

  • Hurrah Rebecca! After the last few months I’m sure you needed it and you listened:) an inspiration indeed. I’ve not been there this year and now I know I will:) I could feel the energy drawing me.

  • Enjoy Jacqui. I think a lot of us are being drawn there right now 🙂

  • Enjoy your journey Kristina 🙂

  • You can’t argue with that! Love when the universe is ‘subtle’ lol 😉

  • 🙂

  • Thanks Maria. Enjoy!

  • I’m so glad it found you. Your creations sound beautiful.

  • <3

  • xoxox

  • xoxox

  • I’m so glad!

  • This is a perfect story and just what I needed to hear. Is there more info on the meditation group at the top of the Tor? What an amazing experience that would be.

  • Rebecca, i saw your photos on instagram when you were there last week and i sold my tickets to a festival (which i’d bought on a whim and regretted) and booked myself a trip to Glastonbury for the long weekend. I’m so excited to visit somewhere that is calling me. Thank you for the inspiration! x

  • Kelsey

    Wow! I just showed my best friend this b&b yesterday online and told her how drawn to it I was! One day…. Glad to see you feeding your spirit!
    Love and light xo

  • Vix

    At the start of this year I put in my Leonie Dawson workbook that I wanted to go to Glastonbury, but apart from a quick visit a few years ago my “proper” Glastonbury trip hasn’t happened yet. You’ve inspired me to make it happen!! Looks like the most awesome trip ever. Love and light to you Rebecca! <3 x

  • It was a group of people I was traveling with Kelli. Enjoy your journey there 🙂

  • 🙂

  • I’m so glad, you will love it!

  • It is a magical place 🙂

  • Maggie

    You made me cry again!
    Thank you for this lovely article which obviously touched something in me for tears to spring to my eyes. You got me with your beautiful book too – that time I was sitting on the Victoria line….
    Thank you for work that gets through x

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