The Reunion

Soul recognition. Collaboration. Partnership. Friendship.

This current period in history has been spoken of by mystics through the ages. And you chose to incarnate right in the middle of it. You didn’t do so alone. We came here in waves and with joint soul missions. You were never meant to walk this life alone. It’s time to come back together. To remember that we’re not in competition; rather, we hold keys for each other. This is the way of the rose. To bloom bravely regardless of what others are doing. And not be threatened when others do this alongside you.

The rose doesn’t open and close according to who’s walking by: She reveals Her beauty to the world without waver. You’re here to do that too. There are people who at a soul level chose to walk alongside you. But for them to find you, you must first let them see you. Reveal yourself to the world. Open your heart and mind to collaboration rather than competition.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

So many of us, particularly those who identify as women, have learned to be mistrustful of one another, as if we’re in competition. This card comes with a message of collaborations, partnerships, and friendships. A confirmation that one or more people are entering your life. Or it could be a sign that you’re being called to co-create on a project with someone you already know. Decide to bloom together.

Rose Transmission

I release any old programming of competition. I open myself up to relationships and collaborations. It’s safe for me to trust and co-create. It’s safe for me to speak clearly. It’s safe for me to set clear boundaries and collaborate.

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