Divine plan. Wisdom. Intelligence within. Destiny.

Sophia is a Greek word meaning wisdom. Sophia is thought to have been a force present at the time of creation and is often presented as a woman. This turns our patriarchal understanding of a sole male God responsible for creation on its head. In the Bible’s Book of Proverbs, Sophia says, ‘I was present at the beginning of the creation… participating at the side of the Lord in the work of creation.’ Many scholars and art historians believe that the female figure beside God in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling is a representation of Sophia. The philosopher Rudolph Steiner believed that the ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis was an incarnation of Her.

The galaxy overlapping the spiral of the rose on this card is a mystical representation of Sophia as holder of the divine plan. The intelligence that tells the rose when to open and the planet how to spin also exists within you. This card brings with it a message to trust the intelligence that brought you here. Have faith that the blueprint of your destiny is already known. What secret dreams do you have? What are you being called to say yes to? To create?


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

Sophia embraces the cosmos. She holds the blueprint of creation. No person or thing is left out. Call upon Her to guide you. Rest in the intelligence that exists within your cells. Trust that you know what to do. Trust the blueprint within. Allow the seeds of your destiny to guide you.

Rose Transmission

I trust in the divine plan, activate the intelligence within my cells, and unlock and act on my most expansive destiny now.

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