Plant Yourself Here

 plant yourself here the rose oracle

Integration. Embodiment. Grounded action.

Invite your soul to come all the way in. From your knees to your nose, your cheeks to your toes. Fully embody your life. Drop the defensive walls. Let your soul land and occupy each and every cell. Anchor all parts of you into the here and now. Life is here even when death is here. Birth isn’t possible without it. And you came here to birth this world anew. Don’t you remember? Fully commit to living this life.

Put your two feet and your ancient soul wholly and completely in.

This is the card of the one who’s committed to being the bridge between heaven and Earth. The embodied mystic. They know that they don’t need to denounce either heaven or Earth – rather, they are a weaver of worlds. Here to embody their soul more and more with each new day. Here to weave the sacred back into everyday life.

plant yourself here the rose oracle

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This card is an invitation to commit more fully to your life as a soul having a human experience. To invite your soul to grow roots that reach deep so that you can grow tall. To commit to your humanity and your expansion at once.

The rose invites us to embrace all stages of life on Earth. From the buds to the bloom, from the cutting back to the fruit. Her beauty and sweet scent are an embodiment of heaven. A nectarous reward for being here. The rose reminds us to take a moment to properly enjoy the sweetness and that heaven really can be a place on Earth.

Soul Inquiry:

How can you commit to your Life? 

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