Mother Of The Salt Waters

Passion. Wild love. Open your heart. Let love in.

The ocean’s unknowable, untamable, vast beauty has beguiled humans since time began, and numerous deities are associated with her salt waters – from the Greek Goddess Amphitrite, wife of the sea God Poseidon, to Yemaya, West Africa’s queen of the sea; and from Doris, the Greek Goddess of fertility and the abundance of the ocean, to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, who was born out of sea foam. The ocean is a symbol of the feminine mysteries, love, beauty, and great passion.

This card delivers with it a message of love as deep as the ocean, and passion as intense as the deepest blue sea. It’s an invitation to welcome the feminine qualities within you and to really let yourself dream. It’s an invitation to see the beauty all around you and to let love in. It could indicate that great love is on the horizon or that a new passion is drawing near.

The Mother of the Salt Waters could be a sign that new love or new relationships are about to enter your life. Or if they’re already here, perhaps you’re being called to open your heart and be even more embracing and loving.

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If you’re facing conflict, how can you soften your heart while remaining true to yourself? How can you embrace the people in your life? How can you trust more and welcome the holding and support?

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