Healing the Mother Line


Healing. Ancestral work. Mother line. Growing up.

We’re living in a time of complex healing, especially when it comes to the Mother line. Collectively, we’re facing the intergenerational trauma that colonialism and patriarchy have imprinted on us. So many born to mothers who were not mothered themselves. It’s time to mend the chain.

So many of our ancestral lines have experienced brutal persecution and separation from the sacred feminine. We’ve been starved of the Great Mother’s unwavering embrace and instead told to look only to a male God in the sky. So many were not taught to see the sacred in all things and the feminine in all Her stages as sacred, powerful, and holy. This way of living has gone on for too long and we’re all being called to heal it on behalf of our ancestors (past and emerging).

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

Healing is possible. It may not be straightforward or easy, but it’s possible. It can be felt forward and back – your ancestors past and future are singing with you. It’s time to release our mothers all the way back for what they may not have been able to give. To find a way to cultivate the loving Mother within. To treat ourselves with the same deep reverence, adoration, understanding, and compassion that we longed for all along. You can be that for yourself today. You can meet yourself where others could not. And as you do, future ancestors will bless you for finding the courage to release and heal deep.

Rose Transmission:

I reach all the way back to the original Mother and I set all the mothers, and myself free.  

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