The Healing Lagoon

Rejuvenate. Recovery. Time to heal. It’s safe to stop.

The healing waters are here to hold you. To heal you. To revive you. It’s not only safe for you to slow down; sometimes it’s necessary. To take care of your physical, emotional, and mental well‑being. To replenish yourself with whatever it is that you’re yearning for most. To slow down and rest.

The healing lagoon is a place of nourishment, recovery, and rest. The waters are urging you to slow down to a sustainable pace and wherever possible to give these things to yourself preemptively, not only when you burn out. This is a card of self‑care, pleasure, and tender nourishment.

How can you ease into resting, replenishing, regenerating, and receiving? The healing waters of the healing lagoon are waiting to receive you. To replenish you. To hold you. To regenerate you. They’re waiting to attune you back to your most natural and alive state.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

So, book that vacation or that morning off. Reduce your working hours so that when you show up you can show up fully. The patriarchal expectation of ‘grow, grow, grow’, ‘push, push, push’ isn’t sustainable. Your body is your most precious asset, so take care of it and regularly make time to regenerate and rest.


How can you make more time in your life to regenerate and rest?

How can you practically prioritize your well‑being today?

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