The Waterfall

Inner power. Unbridled confidence. Claiming your place.

The waterfall is a place of power, incredible force, and activation. The previously calm, embracing waters of the running river gather momentum and then hurl themselves wholeheartedly toward their destiny. With wild abandon and great confidence, they leap into the unknown. Perhaps this explains why being near a waterfall is such an empowering experience – we feel the pounding energy of the waters deep within us.

This card is all about embracing the power within, stepping forth, and claiming your place. You’ve been working for this for a very long time. You’ve done the time.

How can you embrace this moment and take your position as a leader in your life?

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

The waterfall beckons you forth toward your empowerment. To consider what you’d do if you truly felt empowered. It encourages you to step more fully into your confidence. To receive the pounding thunder of the falling water as your encouragement and your applause.

Soul Inquiry

What would you do if you felt empowered and confident?

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