My new song is on Spotify and iTunes!

Over 200,000 plays + new song just dropped! Listen on Spotify and iTunes!

Music has always been a gateway to the soul for me. I first became aware of it in the early ’90s, riding the bus to school and secretly loving it when I didn’t know anyone on the bus as it meant I could listen to my yellow Walkman (which at the time was filled with Abba from Muriel’s Wedding playlist, Carol King, James Taylor, Peter Allen and the Pricilla Queen of the Desert Playlist). I’d press play and watch the world go by while being flooded with inspiration of all the things I wanted to create, which at the time involved a lot of dancing and lip sync!

When I started answering my calling and hosting workshops, I started using music and that’s when I discovered chanting as a devotional practice which I now use every time I teach. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would record my own music let alone be an artist on Spotify or iTunes!

In 2019 I created the Rise Sister Rise Chant with my friend Amy Firth which I shared in my membership and workshops. After many requests, in 2021 we added it to Spotify and iTunes and it’s had over 200,000 plays since! That blows my mind. Some people have even made an artist donation on my Spotify page saying the music and my curated playlists have been a companion for them during difficult times.

I’m excited to say that I have a new song that has just been released called Healing Is Happening! This one uses special sound technology that transmits a healing frequency. It is more spoken word to music which you can meditate to or just leave it playing for the activation. I hope you like it!


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