Healing isn’t about perfection

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of healing recently, and what that word really means. I find that often we can get tripped up when it comes to the way we look at healing.

We have a tendency to want to be in a perfect state and in full bloom all the time, but when we look to nature for wisdom, and see that we are actually just part of nature, we realise that we’re ever changing beings living in an ever changing world.

And just like the trees, just like the flowers, just like everything in nature, we’re constantly changing and transforming. We’re moving through different seasons of our lives and we’re not meant to be in full bloom all year round. It’s impossible to be in a state of absolute perfection at all times.

And so my invitation for us is to flip the way we’re looking at healing. And so, yes, healing can be described as returning to wholeness. And the healer knows that one of their roles is to see the wholeness of the person. But this doesn’t mean that we need to be in that perfection – that perfect state of wholeness – at all times. Perhaps the wholeness comes when we embrace the ever changing seasons that are forever budding and blooming and shedding within us. And this really is where transformation happens.

I really believe that if we’re constantly trying to hold on to the petals of the full bloom of our lives, energy gets stuck… and actually, that’s when healing is most needed.

And so, what if we flipped our understanding of healing to acknowledge that we’re ever changing beings in an ever changing world, and healing is happening every moment of every day?

What I want you to know is that you’re not broken; you’re simply a part of the ever‑changing nature of Life. Change is your natural state. You were never meant to stay the same – to be one single shape, size, or way. You’re not normal, and that’s normal. You’re always becoming more and more of who you truly are.

No one is immune to the polarity of this human experience. The only way through it is to embrace all parts of it – from the ecstasy to the agony, the joy to the grief, the bloom to the fall. When you do this, you’ll realize that healing is always happening, and Life is on your side.

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