Coming home

The extreme gift of being single

The extreme gift of being single. You’re actually already in the most important relationship of your life. You were born in it and you will die in it, how you spend it is up to you. It is both the most rewarding and most challenging relationship you will ever experience….

Every decision we make

Every decision we make either takes us closer to or further away from ourself. Often it’s hard to tune into the subtle energy but deep down everything is either a yes or a no. A feel good or feel not as good. An avoiding or a coming home to. At…

It was inside you all along

I’m a perpetual traveler. A searcher. Always looking for ways to grow and learn and understand. For many years I searched for that feeling of truly being at home. Through people, places and experiences. I moved countries, cities, houses. I traveled all across the planet meeting truly amazing people, visiting…