How to hear the voice of your soul

rebecca campbell

Hearing the voice of your soul is actually very easy. Anyone can do it. But it does take consistency. Your soul is always calling, every moment of every day, the more time you spend with it, the clearer the calls become.

You can never be too old to hear and answer the callings of your soul and it can never be too late. For the truth of the matter is that your soul is always calling, it was calling yesterday, it is calling today and it will be calling next week.

Answering the callings of your soul isn’t a one-time act; it’s a constant conversation. It’s not actually about doing one big thing or finding one single answer to the great big question: “what is my purpose?” It’s doing hundreds and thousands of little things in a direction, one after the other. It’s through following each and every little call (a step here and a leap there) that we find ourselves living the life we are most called to live – I call it living a soul-led life.

Your soul knows your path.

Keep listening to and acting on the whispers each and every day.

Before you know it you will find yourself not only living in alignment with who you are at soul level, but also living in alignment with the rest of life.

rebecca campbell

Committing to the discipline of a daily practice doesn’t mean you have to meditate for hours or even one, it just means that you show up to something every day without fail. It can be for as little as five minutes – if you have longer by all means go for it but I am a bit believer in consistency above all things when it comes to our daily practice.

Your non-negotiable practice can be meditation, chanting, intuitive writing or walking in nature. It could be dancing, pottery, poetry or even drinking rose tea. You get to decide what works best for you. It can be anything that helps you go in and connect with the inner temple of your soul.

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Your soul is always available to guide you. The more you connect with it, the easier it becomes to hear its calls and let it lead your life.

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