The Sun

Enjoyment. Life force. Success. Vitality. Play.

In summer, when the Sun’s at its highest path in the sky, the rose is at its fullest. Her fragrance is sweet, and the fruit is still to come. In this oracle, the Sun represents life‐force energy, vitality, confidence, success, positivity, delight, and the sheer joy of life. After it’s left the fertile darkness of the soil, the future rose begins reaching toward the light of the Sun, which then plays its part in nourishing the rose as it reaches for its potential bloom. And it does this for us too.

One of life’s greatest blessings is to feel the warmth of the Sun on our face. To drink in the gold nectar of what Life has for us and to take a moment to bask in being alive. This is your invitation. To relish your aliveness. To embrace your joyfulness. To enjoy the simple things in life. To make time to play. To be grateful for your body. To acknowledge the wondrous life‐force energy that’s woven through all of Life. To remember that your soul had a dream, and your life is it.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This is a wondrous card that heralds a time of playfulness, enjoyment, and bliss. The Sun can also represent the inner child and be an invitation to have some fun. Have you been all work and no play lately? Is your inner child longing to run free? What can you do to enjoy the simple things in life? When we allow ourselves the space to play, problems that were once unsolvable find solutions.

Soul Inquiry

How can you enjoy your life more? What can you do just for fun?

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