The Ripple Effect

Part of something bigger. Details are taken care of.

When wind blows onto water, ripples are formed. If the wind is consistent and strong enough, those ripples become waves, and those waves have the potential to gather momentum every step of the way.

This card delivers the message of the ripple soon to become a wave. You’re playing your part in the collective ocean of change. Maybe you know the part you play, or perhaps it’s not clear. Your role in the collective ocean matters, and you’re having an impact by the way you’re showing up to your path.

The Ripple Effect card could be a sign that a project or creation is becoming a bigger success than you may have previously thought it would be. Or it could be a sign that you’re part of something much bigger than just you. Perhaps you’re one drop in a giant ocean, part of a constellation of souls here to create an impact on this world.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

The momentum is building, the details are being taken care of, something’s swelling and growing. Don’t get lost in the details. Rather, trust that momentum is building and will continue to do so. Swim your own race – don’t look around you. Something’s happening and you’re an important part of it. Success and momentum are on their way.


I surrender to the flow of my destiny.

I welcome more trust, ease, and support every step of the way.

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