The Bud

Potential. Promise. It’s about to happen. Keep going.

A bud is an embryonic swelling on the stem of the rose that has the potential to develop into a flower, leaf, or shoot. In temperate climates plants form resting buds that are resistant to the brutal frost.

The bud is the promise of what’s to come. It’s the physical manifestation of the seeds that we’ve been holding deep in the earth, nurturing and dreaming through the fertile void of winter. Now, we find ourselves in the inner season of spring, and the bud is beginning to realize what it was always destined to be. But it still requires tending in order to bloom one day soon.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

This is a card of encouragement, potential, excitement, and hope. It invites you to keep facing your true north and show up for what you’re being called to create. Your effort has not gone unnoticed. Keep going – someday soon you’ll begin to see this beautiful creation in the world.

The bud is connected with spring, the time when the upward energy of Life is bursting on through. You may be seeing the first signs that things are beginning to come together. If you’ve been working on a project or have been dedicating yourself to ushering in some change in your life, you’re being called to keep going and trust that what you’ve been working toward is happening. Keep tending your garden and before long, the bud will begin to unfold and bloom.

Soul Inquiry:

What new buds are beckoning to bloom within you?  

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