The boring thing I did this week that improved my energy levels

Pink Rose Rebecca Campbell

Summer is finally here in the UK and it is making my soul so happy! My latest creation (The Starseed Oracle) has just gone to print and I’m feeling so excited to see it out in the world later this year. Creating beautiful things is my favourite thing to do and I feel so very grateful to be able to have found a way to spend my days doing that. One thing I have noticed is that because I love creating so much, often I want to move onto the next project before I take the time to do “boring things” like organising my files on my desktop. Anyone else relate?

I am your typical cliched creative, my desk is always messy and my desktop is even worse – there is no “process” in that part of my creative process (not all Virgo’s are clean freaks!).

One of my biggest (and most boring) goals for this year (ok the past 3 years) has been to organise the chaos that is my Dropbox file storage system (where all of my company and creative files have been saved since I first started the company in 2010). That’s 9 years of thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of files. I don’t know if it was the new moon or the eclipse, but I am happy to report that after a week of non-stop dragging, dropping, deleting and restructuring I have finally done it! I feel like I have more room to breathe. And it feels bloody fantastic!

And so this weekend, I am celebrating completing a creation and a boring admin task that I have been avoiding with some serious down time.

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