Spiritual Practice for Busy Parents


Three years ago I became a mum and overnight I stopped doing the morning practice I had been doing for over a decade.

I still showed up to meditation but mornings were no longer possible. I began to see so clearly how compartmentalized many of our lives are when it comes to spiritual practice – I saw how I would “go be spiritual” and then go about my normal day and became passionate about finding ways to properly WEAVE the sacred fully INTO the fabric of my new life as a working mum.

At first it was frustrating that the time I had to devote to sacred practice was gone, but then I began to see it as an opportunity to integrate my life even more fully In this video I share a few examples and stories of how I began to weave my practices into the everyday.

Starting 3rd Nov 2022 I am also hosting two live sacred experiences to help you connect with the sanctuary within. Join me for Finding The Sanctuary Within events here.

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