Some of the things that I believe

rebecca campbell

I believe that being in nature is one of the quickest ways to connect to our soul and that all people are intuitive because to be intuitive is to be human.

I believe that as humans we do not just exist in nature, rather we are nature. And that when we separate ourselves from nature we also separate ourselves from our own human nature and each other.

I believe that the home of the soul in our human body is the heart and so when we connect with our heart or come from a place of compassion we are connecting with the soul.

I believe that one of the greatest gifts you could ever give another being is to properly see the soul behind their eyes and the human path that they have walked.

I believe that our soul is connected to the intelligence of everything in the Universe and that by spending time connecting with it and asking it to lead us we can align ourselves with the pulse of Life.

I believe that all bodies and people and beings and consciousness on the planet is sacred and holy, and that one of the biggest tragedies of our human history is somewhere along the way we stopped seeing the sacred that is woven through Life itself and in all beings within it.

I believe that we are cyclic beings living in a cyclic world, constantly moving through inner and outer seasons and thus we were never meant to be in full bloom all year round.

I believe that these are extremely divisive times and that we are all being called to return to our humanity while also standing up for what we believe in. And that we are to find our way back to each other, the Earth and all it’s beings.

I believe that we all have a part to play at this time and that only we know what our part and path is.

I believe that this life is but a breath in the journey of the soul, and that the things that keep us up at night now may not actually be the things that we will see as important as we take our last breath.

I believe that sacred sites, trees and stones of all cultures and traditions should be honoured, protected and revered.

I believe that indigenous lives matter, that black lives matter, that brown lives matter, that Asian lives matter, that queer lives matter, that trans lives matter.

I believe that we all have ancestors and that if we reach back far enough we can connect to wise ones from times past and receive their wisdom.

I believe that many of us are being called to have uncomfortable conversations with people we are in relationship with right now, and that compassion is more important now than it has ever been before.

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