rebecca campbell

I would like to acknowledge my teachers over the past 25 years who have taught me about the importance of opening and closing sacred containers. In particular I would like to acknowledge the practices of the Peruvian Inca from South America and the Four Winds Society, that I did my Energy Medicine Training with and where I was taught to activate the Wirococha, or 8th chakra. I have found this practice to be hugely supportive. I would also like to acknowledge Mother Rose who has influenced how I open and close sacred space which I have shared here.

  1. To open sacred soul space, start by bringing your hands into prayer, right in front of your heart.
  2. Knowing that your palms are connected to your heart chakra, and that each of our hearts are connected as well, both to one another, and to the pulse of the planet, allow your breath to slow down and take a moment here. Really imagine your heart opening; you may like to imagine a beautiful flower, like a rose, at your heart centre. With each new breath, that rose begins to open, petal by petal.
  3. And now, allow your hands, still in prayer position, to travel upwards to just above your crown. And as you do, imagine that beautiful flower at your heart centre opening courageously.
  4. And now allow your hands to open and travel all around your body so you’re creating a rose sphere of light around you. And allow the rose of your heart begin to open as your hands travel around, and the light in the centre of that rose to open and emanate.
  5. As it gets brighter and brighter, allow your hands to travel down to your root chakra and then back to prayer, at your heart. Really feel the beautiful shift in energy that has come from opening this sacred soul space.
  6.  Invite your ancient soul self to really be present, to guide you now. Allow yourself to feel protected, held, and really in alignment with the pulse of the planet, and the entire universe, and beyond.
  1. To close sacred soul space, we do the same thing as we did to open it, but in reverse. So, start with your hands at your heart in the prayer position, feeling gratitude for this sacred container, and this depth of connection with your own soul.
  2.  Now let your hands travel down from your heart towards the earth, past your root chakra, and then let them separate and travel around your body, stretching them up to just above your crown, where they meet at prayer.
  3. And as you do, imagine that beautiful rose at your heart closing just a little bit. And then imagine the light of your soul really anchoring here in your heart.
  4. Allow your hands to travel down from prayer to just above your third eye, then your throat, and back to your heart, feeling very grateful for this connection.
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